Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bizarre bloody good fun

Yesterday I went to see this performance, Le Salon by Belgian company Peeping Tom, with my kompisar från förr. (The left part of the picture is from that performance.)

Ever since LR started taking dance classes we´ve been to lots of performances, some really cool and others...a bit hard to understand for someone not too familiar with the world of modern dance. But nonetheless it´s interesting and I really believe in watching stuff outside the regular box.

Le Salon was quite bizarre but cool, the mezzo soprano had a heavenly voice and the dancers moved as they had no bones in their bodies. Três cool!
Afterwards we went to the lobby at Nordic Light Hotel for drinks and shitchatt. LR is leaving for Spain in a couple of weeks, she´ll go to Sevilla and dance flamenco, cannot deny that I´m not slightly envious, in a good way though. Will definitely try to visit her, Spain is lovely.

And so is Great Britain. Have finally booked ticket and am going from thursday-monday and will spend birthday there. Lovely! Will definitely visit the Victoria & Albert Museum to see the Anna Piaggi exhibition Fashion-ology and also shop, visit family and aquaintances and just enjoy the city. Last time I was there it was for a day and I missed the plane back due to delay in the tube so I had to stay another night anyway. Ah well, this time I´ll try not to and be at the airport in time to shop - Heathrow has some great shops, I love!


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