Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Style of the day: The Punk - with a twist of glam

Exquisite is the word I´d like to describe the utterly glamorous punk creature Siouxie Sioux. A perfect blend of untamed energy and sophisticated beauty. So different but yet so similar to another cool creature: Iggy Pop. (If "Lust for life" doesn´t want you to do a lot of lovelycrazy prohibited stuff, then I don´t know.)

Siouxies cover of the Iggy tune "The Passenger" is, if not brilliant, then almost better than the original. Voices like hers are unfortunately quite rare today. And her attitude is incomparable.

Another inspiration is of course Queen of Punk Vivienne Westwood. Totally enchanting. Do read her manifesto if you visit her site. That lady ain´t never gonna be no tramp.


Anonymous sunny said...

Your taste is simply magnificent!

1:43 AM  

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