Monday, August 15, 2005

Stockholms latest

Last sunday, when late for catch-up & latte with EJP, I joked about being Stockholms latest. Today when meeting Sparkling Sissi for lunch I ran late - again. Totally annoying. I might need therapy for this. It´s like I´m becoming the cliché of myself - the always late, mañana-thinking latinodiva. It´s just a part of me though....

Lunch was fab. We discussed and gossiped about all the fab stuff we like and don´t like, which gives any day an edge. Of course we discussed pressies to Kicki-Cookie, but I´m most def not sharing those thoughts since there is a slight possibility that the sweetness might read this. Anyhow, I´m quite pleased with my gift idea. It´s fun and usable. And maybe very dull. Hm. Got to think it over a bit more.

I actually left a pressie today at Kickis job. While waiting for her - I just went unnannounced and I really don´t like to bother people when working - Amelia Adamo showed up. What a small lady! I actually thought she´d be...bigger, in every way, you know, as you say in swedish mer bastant. She thought that I and a man sitting on another couch were waiting for her and saluted us. Turned out he was waiting for her and she apologized to me, although she didn´t have to, confusion happens even to Magazine Queens. It would be nice to meet her in another circumstance maybe, she seems cool in her unexpected petiteness.

When getting off the bus, I ran into Miguel, Sabina and Kéon. Is Kéon the sweeeeetest child?!!! The three of them are so beautyful together, a perfect picture. Totally adorable.

Am so tired now I could tumble over. But think am going to watch CSI, new season episodes starting today = great, and then work a bit. There´s something about working late that thrills me, having a cup of tea, listening to the radio, getting into a nice creative flow without telephones ringing and e-mail dropping in. Very enjoyable.


Blogger Johan said...

Nu förstår jag inte, du är väl aldrig försenad?
För övrigt har känseln börjat komma tillbaka i fingrarna.

4:22 AM  

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