Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sweet sunday

It has absolutely nothing to do with catholic beliefs whatsoever, but I really, really enjoy doing absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g but relaxing on Sundays. In different ways of course, sometimes socializing and sometimes just kicking back at home with lots of latte, books and magazines. Sunday evenings I usually spend on grooming and making the most of my looks and myself, preparing for another week. It charges my batteries.

This weekend was comfortably mellow. Friday I met up with Creative Genious Benedicte and had drinks and tapas at Nada. Fabulous!
Ran into old aquaintance Anna A who was on her way to Vita Bergsparken, Sparkling Sissi & Jeff on their way to the movies - and also, although none of us know her but was she stunning: swedish model Adina. Tall with beautyful feautures, stylishly dressed and soo cool.

Saturday I worked out with Lena. She´s soon becoming a licensed aerobics instructor and rehearsed and tried her class on me. It was great, made me sweat as hell, totally divine. I also enjoyed the feeling of having a private class, it almost felt celebrity-like.
Was so exhausted afterwards I had to sleep before hitting C´s place for dinner.

Oh, before I forget - am very, very happy with all the fab comments friends post me!!! Keep bringin´ them on folks! They really make my day, I appreciate all comments, ideas, suggestions and just to hear from you.

Sweet dreams world, your favourite latinobeotch´ll be back mañana, buenas noches!

Ps. Heard from Mr Norway, haha! Might have dinner with him if I, as he wrote "haven´t gotten cold feet". We´ll see about that.


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