Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hommage to The Woman

...and God created woman as an utterly smart and glamorous version of Herself.

About this International Womens´Day...I don´t know. What about the remaining 364 days of the year? I totally agree with actor Morgan Freeman - when asked what he thought about African American Heritage Month he answered the interviewer with the following very good question: "Why does my history only get a month and yours the rest of the year?"

Anyhow, a holler out to all the Ladies Who Inspire, keep doing your thang which makes this world a smarter and nicer place to live in, all my respect to ya´; my beloved grandmother for whom I´ll do anything, my überbeautiful and smart friends K and Nikki, Kompisarna från förr: S, LS, LR, J and E - I´ll always, always love you, you are the roots that keep me safe on the ground, Gatas locas for ever!, my friend Francisca in Santiago, my neighbour Deborah in Huntington Beach, my mother for her patience with this untamed daughter of hers, my aunts for always being there, my friend and coach MP, the smart and sparkling Drinkar & Män ladies all connected by Her Fabulousness Herself, great partyfun and shopping buddy Elisabeth, my friend Denise in Quebec, jewelry doyennes Vanja and Amanda for creating exquisite pieces that turn any dull day to a sparkling one, party posse of 2001 consisting of C, and sisters LB&LB (yes, they have the same initials), my sweetest friend and London connection the extremely talented Sara, inspiring writers whom I´ve had the luck to meet; Isabel Allende, Marian Keyes, Maria Ernestam, Åsa Schwarz, artist Amanda Ooms whom I met once and bought a painting of, the one and only Charlotta Flinkenberg, übercreative and stylish geniouses A & B, my ex colleague Banana, the gorgeous and always positive Sabina, Sporty Spice - the girl with tons of neverending energy.......and I could actually go on for hours about all the great and inspiring ladies I have the luck to know. I really hope I haven´t forgotten anyone, may you all live long and prosper!


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