Sunday, March 12, 2006

Look what the mom dragged in!

My mom came back from a holidaytrip to Chile this weekend and brought me this superfunky, blingalicious leopard print bag. Very much Marchesa Casati pets go urban Lil' Kim funky.
I loooove!

Lovely weekend, dinner yesterday was utterly fabulous with great food, great company and the kind of laughs you only can have with people who´ve known you forever. Lovely LR had made the most fabulous tiramisu I´ve ever had, it was total überdeliciousity. Sweetfunky friend SL had brought us garments from a sample sale they had where she works, she´d managed to pick stuff that suited us perfectly. A very, very, lovely and fabulous evening indeed.

Memorable quote of the evening: LR going "han är en norrländsk diva" about this swedish artist with very, very, weird ethnic kind of style participating in the Melodifestivalen.
She also said something about "International Asshole Day", (Rövhålets dag) but I can´t really recall the context, have to ask her.


Anonymous snyggmary said...

haha cooolers! :)

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