Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring cleaning

Or maybe just cleaning morelike, because where is spring? It´s sunny and lovely outside but still cold. And it was the same last week in London. I had expected spring to be in full bloom, but the only bloom I saw were the tiny, tiny cherry blossoms on the cherry tree outside Sara & Stephen. They must have one of the most stylish flat I´ve ever seen. The hotel I visited couldn´t even be compared to their super zen place. Total bliss!
One cool thing about the hotel though was the coincidence that Guru (from Gangstarr) also stayed there. That gave the place some star quality.

Today I´ve been spring cleaning my place and was so into it I totally forgot to get some nice wrapping paper - March is a very popular birthdaymonth! - and when hitting one of the stores nearby it was closed, which meant I had to take the tube downtown and try to get in and out of Åhléns as fast as I could. Payday (yesterday) + Saturday = a combination that is no good if you have to go shopping since it means loads, loads and loads of people everywhere, not my cup of tea.

Now I´ve barely got a couple of hours before I´m meeting Lena and getting to the place where we´re having dinner with the rest of the Kompisar Från Förr-posse tonight, which will be really nice. Better move my overweight behind, which I really will start working on diminishing - I don´t like myself fat.


Blogger nattbuss said...

Uhh gjorde också misstaget befinna mig i city igår det var verkl hemskt.

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