Sunday, August 21, 2005


Just realized I´ve dated a guy that´s on the radio.
Don´t know if it´s cool or if it´s one of those things you put way back in the closet. With the other skeletons and shit.
This was like years ago. Actually he came on to me in a kind of creepy way - he´d seen me at the T-Centralen and followed me from there. When I was almost home he asked me if I had a cigarette, when I said sorry no he asked about where he could get one nearby. As he seemed kind of normal and was really cute I followed him to 7-Eleven. On the way the told me how he´d seen me and decided to follow.
I didn´t know if I´d be flattered or get the fuck out of there. I went for flattered and he gave me his number.
People really do the strangest things.
And now, look at But look at me, cooler.


Blogger Supersof said...

sweetest Gonzalita, since you are the first commentator on my blog, you have a special place in my heart forever. Who's the radio guy? What channel? Public service or commercial?

8:40 AM  

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