Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bookreviewer in a performance anxiety coma

Am still stunned by the fact that I got to speak with one of my idols since I was a suburban kid and big fan of the glamourous air that Jacobs Stege provided life with. Since then I´ve admired Susanne Ljung, what a lady! She' s smart, elegant, and every inch a cool swedish beauty. Now I can die somewhat satisfied I guess.

I also got to speak with Denise Rudberg who had liked my review of her latest book, "Jenny S". And worldwide known photographer Lennart Nilsson nodded hello. Now add to that the fab smart&elegant company of Desirée, and what I feared could be a stiff evening among glitterati people turned into a sparkling event, where I felt like a glamorous extra in an european movie. Possibly italian or french, starring a young Alain Delon.

Now I have to deal with my performance anxiety. We´re so good friends I´ve considerated naming it. But now, what would be a good name for this faithfull companion always by my side...


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