Monday, October 23, 2006

Let them eat cake!

And do whatever.
Am so fed up with my exes. Once upon a time I actually thought I had good judgement. I guess it's something that evolves and matures, or whatever. Oh well, let them eat cake!

Dark monday morning turned into fabulous sparkling monday evening, complete with tequila martini silver lining. Lovely! And the best of all - seconds after walking in at the bar, I saw him. And I know he saw me. According to my friend and colleague, the very talented and lovely Ågren, he even turned his head a couple of times. I like! I enjoy! I totally adore! And I have to have him. Now if I just could stop acting cool, aloof and coy....
As I've said before - I love fall. It's my kind of season.


Blogger Sporty Spice said...

Lovely, lovely! Sluta spela tuff och börja hångla istället.

Kan inte du hiva iväg ett mejl till mig för jag glömde att kopiera adressboken från min stationära till laptopen så jag har inte din adress.

Hörs snart underbara lilla människa.


10:59 AM  
Blogger Von Helvete said...

hur gick det da lilla underbara gonza?

6:46 AM  

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