Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time goes by

Beautiful fall. Totally beautiful, lovely, chilly, rainy, gorgeous, fabulous, elegant, chic, dressy, sassy, avantgarde, tartan, tweedy, and wonderful fall.
My best season. But I seriously haven´t even got around to enjoy it at the fullest yet, since time just passes quicker and quicker and all of a sudden it´s October. Again.

My October list includes:
- clothes: skirts, opaque tights, cape of Norwegian design, high heeled boots, dresses and skinny corduroy jeans, gold, red, white and blue details, otherwise black, black and black - the new black.
- music: October by U2, Behavior and Introspective by Pet Shop Boys, Welcome to wherever you are by INXS. Yes, fall does make me kind of nostalgic, though in a good way.
- socializing: by brunching, taking long walks, having long late night conversations, watching movies, watching telly, going to the theatre and of course by partying.
- enjoying: afternoon tea, skinny lattes, creamy spiced up chocolate, porridge with berries, Strawberry Cheescake from Häagen-Dazs, pumpkin in a variety of ways like in delicious sopaipillas made by my aunts.

Just love it.


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