Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alpha, Beta, Blogger.....

I might be the last blogger on this earth to move my blog to this...betablog thing.
Whatever, as long as it works, all is great.

Fall is turning to winter in a fast pace. Today was hell of a cold Sunday. Cold and grey. But lit up by softcool socializing with my dear and very talented colleague J at Dello's. I love Dello's. The latte is always perfect and the toasts are sheer perfection. Maybe I should move back to Knivsöder after all....after what, 12 years. A lot of stuff has happened to the place ever since.

Otherwise, soft day doing all the stuff I like to do Sundays; getting my clothes in order, my place, myself, listening to my constant Sunday soundtrack consisting of a John Legend/Alicia Keys playlist, talking on the phone and reading glossies and books I am reviewing.
Not that exciting, but most pleasing.

Thought about the highlight of the week and it must be rewarding myself with a nice piece of D&G-jewelry. Love D&G.


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