Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Emperors new Betty

While watching episode three of Ugly Betty and really feeling sorry for the beyond ugly duckling with severe chola style, I got this thought - why do people never tell when something looks really bad on you? Or on anyone? I am really bad at doing this myself, so maybe I should zip it, but seriously - why???

On the other hand - what looks good or bad on anyone is relative and totally subjective. Everybody´s free to wear whatever, whenever, right? Or are we (me???) too brain washed by glossies and totally extreme make overs that anything that does not fit into a certain frame is naturally registered and labeled No-No?

I am totally guilty of all of the above. Am shallow, superficial and terrible person who probably would have taken Ugly Betty somewhere where the girl could be transformed from chola to cool-a. The tale about the emperors´new clothes is sooo underestimated. In the end, someone will always tell, the thing is - will you listen?


Blogger Fran Silva said...

I never watched "Betty la Fea" when it was shown here in Chile, but as it was a success I know the end... The funny thing is that something so "latino" is now been re-maked everywhere!

6:46 AM  
Blogger Von Helvete said...

but i guess that is what will happen and then she will be happy with the office hunk for the rest of her life, eh. no? but then again, i dont even have a tv.

10:12 AM  

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