Monday, October 23, 2006

Let them eat cake!

And do whatever.
Am so fed up with my exes. Once upon a time I actually thought I had good judgement. I guess it's something that evolves and matures, or whatever. Oh well, let them eat cake!

Dark monday morning turned into fabulous sparkling monday evening, complete with tequila martini silver lining. Lovely! And the best of all - seconds after walking in at the bar, I saw him. And I know he saw me. According to my friend and colleague, the very talented and lovely Ågren, he even turned his head a couple of times. I like! I enjoy! I totally adore! And I have to have him. Now if I just could stop acting cool, aloof and coy....
As I've said before - I love fall. It's my kind of season.

Friday, October 13, 2006

But why?

Don´t ask, but for some reason this line from When you were young (The Killers) is spinning around and around in my messy head and just refuses to leave:
".....waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways"

I don´t even want to go Freudian on that one - I'm not waiting for anyone, honey.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time goes by

Beautiful fall. Totally beautiful, lovely, chilly, rainy, gorgeous, fabulous, elegant, chic, dressy, sassy, avantgarde, tartan, tweedy, and wonderful fall.
My best season. But I seriously haven´t even got around to enjoy it at the fullest yet, since time just passes quicker and quicker and all of a sudden it´s October. Again.

My October list includes:
- clothes: skirts, opaque tights, cape of Norwegian design, high heeled boots, dresses and skinny corduroy jeans, gold, red, white and blue details, otherwise black, black and black - the new black.
- music: October by U2, Behavior and Introspective by Pet Shop Boys, Welcome to wherever you are by INXS. Yes, fall does make me kind of nostalgic, though in a good way.
- socializing: by brunching, taking long walks, having long late night conversations, watching movies, watching telly, going to the theatre and of course by partying.
- enjoying: afternoon tea, skinny lattes, creamy spiced up chocolate, porridge with berries, Strawberry Cheescake from Häagen-Dazs, pumpkin in a variety of ways like in delicious sopaipillas made by my aunts.

Just love it.