Saturday, June 03, 2006

And also impressed and very proud!

Yesterday La Roja (the Chilean National Football Team) played against the Swedish equilvalent at Råsunda, Solna, Sweden.

Over 15 000 Chilean fans made it seem like it was the Chileans that were at home. Am in awe. Maybe I should have been there after all - but I do enjoy watching footie on the telly - with great company and exquisite food and wine.

Anyhow, it ended 1-1 and it was a great game! Even though Chile is not going to Germany, this team is leaving it´s European tour invicted. Which is really cool and impresses me a lot since I´ve read and heard so much negative shit about Chilean football.

Today you can read stuff like
* "Allra bäst var Chile. Nog måste man väl ha rätt att få önska sig Chile tillbaka. Med en publik som gjorde Sverige till bortalag och med såna publiklirare som målpassaren Jorge Valdivia från Colo Colo och den blott 17-årige speedkulan med överstegsfinterna Alexis Sanchez från Cobreloa på 2400 metershöjd i Anderna som redan lär ha varit i italienska Udinese". (Aftonbladet)
* "Chile är ett spelande lag med hög kvalitet. Spelare som Luis Jimenez, Jorge Valdiva, Jorge Acuna dominerade mittfältet efter paus. Vilket på ett bryskt sätt visade hur beroende Sverige är av Fredrik Ljungberg. För när han klev av tappade Sverige mittfältet." (DN)

Which could make any Chilean proud, nonetheless me. La Roja showed that, when it comes to the latino football teams - even the ones that aren´t going to Germany this year, are able to play the most beautiful football in the world. The Europeans might have invented the game, but the latinos have developed and redefined it.

And yes, I truly believe that the Copa this year will go to South America - where it belongs!

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Absent diva up to a whole lotta shit

The past weeks, or morelike - the past month has been very intense, with lots of stuff happening on all areas at the same time. The famous ketchup-bottle-effect. First nothing, nothing, then all just pours down at once. Which suits me and my phobia for all dull and boring things just fine. Imagine a life without any changes at all, now how boring wouldn´t that be?! Just the thought of it gives me the creeps.

What have I been up to? Here goes, in a neat little list:
1. I´ve been listening to Gotan Project, my latest addiction. They call it "electrotango", I call it brilliant. Lunatico is the soundtrack of this lunatics life at the moment.
2. ....drinking rosé wine, a couple of days ago at the terrace of HKC to which my lovely friend Her Fabulousness Herself has a private key.
3. ....reading my friend Åsa Schwarz latest book "Stigma", besides all glossies I have a slight pathologic addiction for.
4. ....watching the last season of "Sex & the City" again and being surprised, I had totally underrated it.
5. ....eating a lot of take away meze and tuna wraps.
6. ....and working - my ass off, but can´t complain, am quite a happy bastard I guess.