Friday, March 25, 2005

Very Good Friday

Have been lazy beotch again. Although more of a hungover beotch I guess. Since I wrote last time I´ve like, celebrated my birthday at least five times. Not bad for a 21-year old, huh?! Although I feel like a 131-year old morelike. Last night I had cocktails with EJP and a couple of her friends. I also tried to get the VISA-card I forgot last time at Berns. Bummer. Guess I have to go back another time.

Since it was payday yesterday, I was thinking about doing some serious shopping. I guess I could use it, but then again I came to think of what a fab friend said after having a look in my wardrobe: "You could easily spend two months at home and wear something new everyday".
Bah. Guess I have to slow down on the serious shopping, then.

Am sooo tired. And today must be the most red day ever in the calender. Great, cause I intend to sleep, sleep and sleep. Have a great Easter!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware the Ides of March

Now, where IS spring?! It´s not here for sure, even though it´s sunny and lovely and I do regret I left my Dolce sunglasses at home.
And as I´m holding that thought another one creeps in - with spring coming up you´ve gotta look somewhat ok you know, cause it ain´t no fun looking like Miss Piggy in way too small dresses. I´d better hit the gym, I know.
The Boomerang has given me nice advice on how to make the best of a workout session, the only thing I´m lacking at the moment is discipline. ...where can I buy it?! E-bay?!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Lazy beotch

Just realized I haven´t written for about 12 days. Shame on me! Last week was just such a turmoil, beginning the week before that with me forgetting my VISA at a bar. Bah! Fortunately it was safe and sound and I can pick it up whenever, but you know - all the hussle calling in to block it, getting a new one, getting cash, etc.
Monday last week I decided I´ve had enough of my job and told my boss I was quitting. Five weeks to go now! And the good thing is the next three weeks will be a day shorter because of Easter and a couple of days off and stuff. Great! Am very happy. And jobsearching, but so far, it´s just fun. So even though I might have been a lazy beotch here, I´ve been all but that in my holy quest for a satisfying dreamjob.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stylish Angels

When and if suffering from insomnia - watch the Angels (Tv3, in the small hours)! Not meaning angels like the ones with wings and ethereal smiles, but Charlies Angels - the original, not the new version. Farrah & her posse really look like a million dollars with great style! It doesn´t really matter that the story plots are cheesy, forget about it and watch their style instead.

I also have to mention the Fab 4 - for girls Glam Squad, aren´t they like, the most adorable?! I´d loooove to have a make over by them! (Although I would totally refuse to cut my hair!)

Wednesday and another day closer to the weekend, spring - eeeh, well, I just read somewhere that the spring is like, delayed for a month or so, sucks! - and birthday. Agrhgrh.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday ta-daaaa!

One day closer to the weekend, yeah baby! Started the morning calling the Glittering Sunshine pretending to be Gwen Stefani. I have this fab american accent - from my time in Huntington - and she really thought someone was calling from over there. Too bad I couldn´t keep it going and not laugh! Anyhow, Gwen Stefani has to be style icon of the day! The girl does effortless kick ass chic in such a great way.

Am also having great mailconversation, no names, cause I´m not going to flatter anyones ego but my own. Am selfish, egocentric and mean, I know, but that´s the way it goes.
But the mailconversation is great. Although I do wonder how it would translate to a real life one.