Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Proud Latin Heritage month is about to begin!

Just as I felt totally uninspired today - what landed on my doormat? Latina Magazine!!! I just loooove Latina Magazine! It reminds me I´m not alone in cursing in español, listening to Astrud Gilberto, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Julio Iglesias (yes, that goes for YOU as well amiga, I know you listen to Julio when no one else is arround!) and enjoying being as bold and vivid as the women in a Frida Kahlo painting, Isabel Allende novel or Almodovar movie.

I always try to express my latinismo in some way. Not that you´d ignore it otherwise, but in icy cool and natural Scandinavian surroundings the contrast is really nice.

This month I´ll be wearing the following, straight outta Latino culture:
- boleros
- chunky jewelry in the style of the one and only Frida Kahlo
- mantas (capés)
- chignon á la Eva Perón
- lipstick in dramatic red

....and superhigh heels of course. Most latinas aren´t that tall, but that´s why übergod of shoes was christened the superspanish name: Manolo.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fab things & happenings of the week

1. Photoshoot
2. Albert Bonnier Förlag-party at Manilla
3. News about a Desirée or Fredrik Jr
4. Expensive spanish wines
5. Butthugging JL-jeans

Suburban sunday

It´s always superentrete spending time at my parents. Great food, great wines, liquors, etc, and great company.
Yesterday we got to taste spanish wines that a wineimporting friend to my father had given him and that might be introduced to the swedish market. One of the wines was supposed to cost around 1000 SEK/bottle, a white wine that was really, really good. The other bottles weren´t that impressing, there was a fruity white wine, another one that had a slight taste of saffron and one bottle of red wine that I got to drink by myself because no one else liked it. Too bad for them, good for me!

Lovely latesummer/early autumn day in the ´burb. It´s nice out here, the surroundings, the clean air, the calmness, etc. But I don´t feel like moving back. It´s like I´ve lived here, done that, got the t-shirt and the cap that goes with it. I´ll always be Gonzo from the block anyway.


It´s so much fun being at parents place and listening to Radio Festival and all these cliché latino artists - like Julio Iglesias, José Luis Rodriguez, etc, and calling relatives in Chile!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I hate it when my media player acts weird and plays the same song 4356600 times. That´s most def not random. That´s repeat.
After playing Alcazar 20 times it suddenly started playing St Etienne. The early years.

Legend of a fall

When it comes to seasons, fall is always, litterally the new black for me.
I love the clothes, the accessories, the shoes generally and the boots specifically! Found some brown boots today at Scorett that I really liked, but don´t know...I know exactly what pair and what brand I want my basic fall boots from. Hope to find them tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday. Saturday morning then - cause there´s no chance I´ll be pushed around by all just-got-paid shoopers. Saturdays + the city is a big no-no for me. In the afternoon I´ll met Be and go vintageshopping. She´s a vintage expert with a fab fashioneye.

Today I got sooo tired of being on the phone I had to take a break and give myself a nice treat. Like a pair of jeans from JL. I love to shop but I´m not a big fan of trying out jeans. It´s like you have to be prepared for the occasion cause some results are really disastrous and can ruin the day. That goes for the great results that saves the day when the pants not only hug the butt but actually creates a nice booty.

I also got myself some kind of nice blouse at Indiska. Usually don´t shop there but liked the colors and the sparkly sequines. It will match my new eyeshadow in aubergine/egg plant and olive green perfectly.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

...on the verge of exhaustion

Am totally, totally exhausted. Todays photo shoot took the best of me and all my energy since I put my heart and soul in it. Since I´ve never done stuff like this before the level of performance anxiety was quite high. But after a couple of cups of black coffe and gossip with the photographer, everything felt better and I really, really hope the results will be satisfying.

Tried to fuel myself with some latte, but it didn´t make a difference. When trying to write something somewhat intelligent, specially work related, the screen becomes blurry and I feel like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.
Better get off to bed before I tumble over and get a concussion when landing on a pile of books.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bookreviewer in a performance anxiety coma

Am still stunned by the fact that I got to speak with one of my idols since I was a suburban kid and big fan of the glamourous air that Jacobs Stege provided life with. Since then I´ve admired Susanne Ljung, what a lady! She' s smart, elegant, and every inch a cool swedish beauty. Now I can die somewhat satisfied I guess.

I also got to speak with Denise Rudberg who had liked my review of her latest book, "Jenny S". And worldwide known photographer Lennart Nilsson nodded hello. Now add to that the fab smart&elegant company of Desirée, and what I feared could be a stiff evening among glitterati people turned into a sparkling event, where I felt like a glamorous extra in an european movie. Possibly italian or french, starring a young Alain Delon.

Now I have to deal with my performance anxiety. We´re so good friends I´ve considerated naming it. But now, what would be a good name for this faithfull companion always by my side...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Closet confidential

Ok. It´s official. My closet sucks. Totally.
With the exception of my brown Tara Jarmon tweedskirt (note to self: remember to visit Paula and Leyla for help in picking out stylish key pieces for the season). And my grey tweed skirt.
And some other fab autumn stuff I´ve got there.
Hence the problem is the weather. After weeks and weeks of rain it´s now sunnier and sweatier than ever. Terribly annoying.

And as a cherry on top I´m going to a serious glitterati publisher party tomorrow and have no clue whatsoever about what to wear.
Or what to answer if anyone´d ask "Read any good books lately?" when finding out I do book reviews.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Just realized I´ve dated a guy that´s on the radio.
Don´t know if it´s cool or if it´s one of those things you put way back in the closet. With the other skeletons and shit.
This was like years ago. Actually he came on to me in a kind of creepy way - he´d seen me at the T-Centralen and followed me from there. When I was almost home he asked me if I had a cigarette, when I said sorry no he asked about where he could get one nearby. As he seemed kind of normal and was really cute I followed him to 7-Eleven. On the way the told me how he´d seen me and decided to follow.
I didn´t know if I´d be flattered or get the fuck out of there. I went for flattered and he gave me his number.
People really do the strangest things.
And now, look at him...cool. But look at me, cooler.

No entertaiment value

"Your blog doesn´t have any entertainment value", said my lillbro´the other day when I asked him about what he thought about my shitchatt.
That sentence almost became his famous last words, but I´m a kind bigsis´and kept from smacking the kid.

"Entertainment value". My ass. It´s superfun! Almost as fun as those donkeys that shit out cigarettes.

Bookrelease, rose wine en masse and birthday bash

It´s been three busy but fun days. Thursday was really nice, with the release of Carolina Gynnings book "Ego Girl" (superfun, smart with lots of drama, read it!) at Saline. (The place is situated in the same building where I used to work. I looked up to "my" old window and felt all over that I´d made the right decision leaving that place for working on my own and with things I enjoy for sure. Brava!)

The bookrelease party was nice, didn´t stay too long though but enough for being a bit more than slightly tipsy when leaving. Had a slight headache when I woke up friday morning, which didn´t stop me from answering Kickis "Drink?"-sms with a you bet! We ended up at supernice Nyfiken Gul where we had a bottle of rose before dinner, one with it and one after. It was one of those perfect sensommarnätter that makes Stockholm enchanting and makes you forget how totally repulsive it can be in the middle of winter when the snömodd wets your feet and the cold bites your nose.

The three bottles of wine were the reason of weaking up with a real headache saturday morning. And I had to go downtown and make errands and stuff.
A hangover + Stockholm City a saturday afternoon usually is a big no-no for me. But if you gotta go, you gotta go. Called Creative Genius Benedicte and asked if she wanted to gossip over a latte, and agreed on meeting at NK.
But after picking up stuff at dad´s I realized I had to eat something and what better than a delicious pizzaslice at Piccolino´s? Called and sent sms to Benedicte about change of plans. When she called me she was at the information desk at NK - she´d forgotten her cell phone at home or lost it and had asked people at the desk to call out for me at NK.
There I was, hungovered, starving and feeling like five kinds of shit at Hötorgshallen while I was called for at NK! Lovely.

After hangig out over latte and some shopping with Benedicte I had to go home to get ready for Kickis party. Searching the closet for something nice to wear took ages and had to call and tell that I was going to be late. I think I arrived about one and a half hour after the given time. Mañana, mañana, I know - but I really wanted to look nice and it took me a while to get there.

Kicki and Sam are such great hosts and know how to create a great party mood. It was as always nice to see Ingrid & Martin, Frida & Christofer, Sissi & Jeff, Des, and Lars and his girlfriend with the most beautiful hair ever and nice to meet the other guests.
Went home somewhat early, my contacts started to feel really dry and itching, so I joined Sissi & Jeff. We waited for a cab for about 20 minutes, luckily we find one from another company and were finally on our way.

Slept a lot today, guess I needed that. Am going to work a bit and then just relax and prepare for another week.

But before I sign out, here is the Gonzalita Top Five of the week:
1. Speed of sound
2. Nyfiken Gul
3. Tvärbanan
4. Ego girl
5. Marimekko

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Communication breakdown

What a day. What a day, what a day....as Erykah Badu sings. Some days exactly everything you´ve planned, all stuff you thought you had prepared in the right way and thought was perfectly ok, not to mention the self esteem that goes with it - all just crashes and the scattered parts are sent rakt åt helvete.
Whatever, why bother, sometimes shit just happens and you got to deal with it. Simple as that, how annoying it might be. When all problems are resolved I´m gonna treat myself to something really nice. Because I´m so absofuckinglutely worth it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...tiene tremendo CULO!!!!

Heard that song?! If not, check it out, I swear you most def won´t be able to not shake your booty (tremendo or not) to it!!!
I heard it first time before going to Spain and laughed my culo off, then in Spain we heard it all the time. It really is catchy, besides being about the booty.

While working I listened to some mellow old playlists I have in my Creative Media Source. Found some old goodies. And I´m taliking old goodies that I´m almost ashamed about telling, check my list out:
1. Hunting high and low - Aha
2. Each time you break my heart - Nick Kamen
3. Circle in the sand - Belinda Carlisle
4. I fly for you - Spandau Ballet
5. Smooth operator - Sade

And that´s only the mellow ones.....other skeletons in my music closet includes:
1. Festival and Vamos a bailar - Italian technoqueens Paola & Chiara
2. I know there´something going on - Frida (yes, yes, ex-ABBA Frida)
3. Bee Gee tunes from Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive
4. Copacabana - sung by Barry Manilow of course
5. Cross my heart - with Eight Wonder headed by ex-mrs Kerr/Gallagher Patsy Kensit

Am slightly embarassed about this but feel much better now that I´ve told you about it. Am relieved. And very tired.

Stay tuned for more confessions of a latinobeotch with severe performance anxiety. Buenas noches world!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stockholms latest

Last sunday, when late for catch-up & latte with EJP, I joked about being Stockholms latest. Today when meeting Sparkling Sissi for lunch I ran late - again. Totally annoying. I might need therapy for this. It´s like I´m becoming the cliché of myself - the always late, mañana-thinking latinodiva. It´s just a part of me though....

Lunch was fab. We discussed and gossiped about all the fab stuff we like and don´t like, which gives any day an edge. Of course we discussed pressies to Kicki-Cookie, but I´m most def not sharing those thoughts since there is a slight possibility that the sweetness might read this. Anyhow, I´m quite pleased with my gift idea. It´s fun and usable. And maybe very dull. Hm. Got to think it over a bit more.

I actually left a pressie today at Kickis job. While waiting for her - I just went unnannounced and I really don´t like to bother people when working - Amelia Adamo showed up. What a small lady! I actually thought she´d be...bigger, in every way, you know, as you say in swedish mer bastant. She thought that I and a man sitting on another couch were waiting for her and saluted us. Turned out he was waiting for her and she apologized to me, although she didn´t have to, confusion happens even to Magazine Queens. It would be nice to meet her in another circumstance maybe, she seems cool in her unexpected petiteness.

When getting off the bus, I ran into Miguel, Sabina and Kéon. Is Kéon the sweeeeetest child?!!! The three of them are so beautyful together, a perfect picture. Totally adorable.

Am so tired now I could tumble over. But think am going to watch CSI, new season episodes starting today = great, and then work a bit. There´s something about working late that thrills me, having a cup of tea, listening to the radio, getting into a nice creative flow without telephones ringing and e-mail dropping in. Very enjoyable.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sweet sunday

It has absolutely nothing to do with catholic beliefs whatsoever, but I really, really enjoy doing absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g but relaxing on Sundays. In different ways of course, sometimes socializing and sometimes just kicking back at home with lots of latte, books and magazines. Sunday evenings I usually spend on grooming and making the most of my looks and myself, preparing for another week. It charges my batteries.

This weekend was comfortably mellow. Friday I met up with Creative Genious Benedicte and had drinks and tapas at Nada. Fabulous!
Ran into old aquaintance Anna A who was on her way to Vita Bergsparken, Sparkling Sissi & Jeff on their way to the movies - and also, although none of us know her but was she stunning: swedish model Adina. Tall with beautyful feautures, stylishly dressed and soo cool.

Saturday I worked out with Lena. She´s soon becoming a licensed aerobics instructor and rehearsed and tried her class on me. It was great, made me sweat as hell, totally divine. I also enjoyed the feeling of having a private class, it almost felt celebrity-like.
Was so exhausted afterwards I had to sleep before hitting C´s place for dinner.

Oh, before I forget - am very, very happy with all the fab comments friends post me!!! Keep bringin´ them on folks! They really make my day, I appreciate all comments, ideas, suggestions and just to hear from you.

Sweet dreams world, your favourite latinobeotch´ll be back mañana, buenas noches!

Ps. Heard from Mr Norway, haha! Might have dinner with him if I, as he wrote "haven´t gotten cold feet". We´ll see about that.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fab fashion

Came to think of it - if you understand svenska, listen to Susanne Ljung who will be Sommarvärd of the day. (The guy, Tomas Alfredson, speaking yesterday was great too, no fashion, but nonetheless. )
Susanne Ljung was editor in chief of Damernas Värld years ago and made the magazine brilliant, international and really stylish. Now it´s something I don´t understand and it doesn´t inspire me for a million bucks.

More fashion, British Glamour Magazine has a great piece about Zandra Rhodes. I loooove those british designers! Westwood, Rhodes, Matthew Williamson and their likes. There´s something cooler and edgier about them, kind of a punk is still alive-vibe. Fabulous.

Oh, and as always, even if you don´t do svenska, do check out stylish Anna K!


Met up with Kicki and Malin K yesterday to talk about some jobs I´ll do for them. It´ll be totally, totally exciting and fun to do and I´m really looking forward to learn the how-to of it all. Am very happy and above all, very flattered about being asked about this. Väninnor that believes in you rock.

Before meeting up with them and afterwards I worked like a maniac. I had overestimated the time it would take to translate some documents. Luckily, there was no problem in getting another day to finish it all, but I don´t like moving around deadlines like that. But well, it doesn´t happen all the time, I guess I should overlook it and chill out.

Went to fratellino for dinner, it´s great to have a littlebrother who knows how to serve great food and also have great taste in music. I´m so proud of him! When going into town we got to hitch with one of his colleagues and it was pretty cool to be on a subwaytrain that just passed all stations.

(OhMyGod! Am listening at the P1-morning news and heard now that Chileans in Sweden are the ones most likely to develop asthma and allergies. Scary!!!)

Had actually hoped for a relaxed and soft weekend with no plans. But that seems like an impossibility since so many friends are having their birthday bashes now that "everyone´s back" and a lot of other nice events are going on. Can´t really complain, but this post-vacation time has been really intensive, so much has happened in these 15 days; a funeral, a wedding, parties, new job opportunities, a lot of deadlines to meet.
Fall is really kicking off in a busy mode, and I love it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Morning latte

I just loooove beginning the day with a nice latte from my local cafeteria. That and listening to Ring P1 really makes my morning.

This second week after coming home from Spain has been accelerated too. Lots of job, but I totally enjoy it, as well as socializing. Yesterday I had dinner with Åsa Schwartz, the brilliant writer of Och fjättra Lilith i kedjor, that I´ve been going on about. We had great thai food, exchanged experiences of performance anxiety and how to get into a creative flow and I also updated her on the Henke-story (the bookcharacter she suggested I should date, haha).

Afterwards I just felt like sleeping but was good and worked a couple of hours with a brief break to see Footballers Wives. Have missed it and am sooo pissed because of that, cause I really like british drama. Footballers Wives IS a costume drama - only a more modern and trashy one, don´t you think?

Now, let´s go to work....

Monday, August 08, 2005

Wonderful wedding!

Charlottas and Pachis wedding this saturday was every inch the warm and relaxed celebration of love, couple- and companionship I think a wedding should be.
Hadn´t heard much about the wedding since wonderful Charlotta didn´t turn into this totally obsessed bride-to-be that can only talk about weddings whether you really care or not. Brava!

Met up with göteborgskex Clara and had a great pre-party moment. It was really nice to socialize with people I haven´t seen in ages, to see the fab girls from the "hen-dinner" and meet Charlottas and Pachis adorable family.

Dinner was fab! Charlotta had seated me besides a very handsome and stylish norwegian guy. Too bad I didn´t understand what he said most part of the evening. In front of us were Paula & Jimmy, what a couple, had many nice laughs with them throughout dinner. Jimmy insisted all evening that Mr Norway and me should go on a date. Great idea, but there might be some slight communication problems....
Mr Norway was very, very nice with great gentleman manners, you know the kind that you didn´t think existed anymore - offering me his coat when it got cold and getting me coffee. That´s like, really, really cool!

Another cool moment was when brudparet Mr & Mrs Flinkenberg announced they are expecting a Flinkenberg Jr - they had just broke the news when thunder crashes big and loud! What an effect! Charlotta always jokes about being a drama queen, and drama it was, at least when it comes to the weather.
(There was some arguments going on later in the evening - suddenly a melted marshmallow appeared out of nothing and took place on my black Rodebjaer cardie. Very mature.)
The pouring rain - which in all cultures means marital happiness and bliss - actually became one of the factors making the evening more fab and memorable besides the following; lovely and stylish guests, dinner, dancing to old 80´s hits on the porch, the small publication telling about the guests in alphabetical order, etc. Too sad the evening went by too quickly.
Am really happy for Pachi and Charlotta and wish them all the best, may they live happily ever after!!!

Ah, and what did I wear?! The Dalí-dress! Got many compliments for it throughout the evening. And I must say it felt like the perfect choice even though I wasn´t too happy with the shoes, but it worked.

The evenings other memorable comments & compliments included Paula suggesting I should become a stand up comedienne, Sabinas orders to Mr Norway and me, and Pachis (and Sabina and Carolines) mother (with the coolest and stylish exotic outfit) telling me she thought Sabina and I were so alike and reminded of each other that we could be sisters.
I also have to mention the adorable Ninas supergreen woolshrug from Scotland. Totally desirable.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Woman on the verge

In one of my favourite movies, "Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios" (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown), gazpacho plays an essential part.
Hence, when I feel like on the verge - I´ll have some gazpacho. I loooove it!

Am still kind of on the verge, though, I´ve been chasing people for this job I´m doing and everyone I try to get in touch with
a) doesn´t answer
b) are on holiday
c) are going on holiday today

Stuff do always have to happen in the last minute, doesn´t it? Bah.
Am sooo exhausted. Have left the same message at 4598496968 machines. At least ONE should have the decency to call back. I hope.
But probably they´re in their garden or at the beach, cuddling with their families. But people, know what? Work makes the world go round! Come on now!
Am seriously becoming a lutheran.

I should take a nap and then get stuff before going to Lenas. Can´t come over all on the verge looking like five kinds of shit. Haven´t even thought about what to wear. Bah.

Song of the day: Call me - Blondie

Thursday, August 04, 2005


That´s the swedish word for performance anxiety.
Am not preparing another speech in front of presidents, politicians or similar - am in fact doing a job I´ve never done before and have so much performance anxiety I feel like I´m going to vomit enormous quantities. And no - I´ve not been food pisoned or have an attached file. I´m just suffering from good old performance anxiety.

I really have to reward myself if I manage to do this somewhat neat. Put a curfew on myself, am not allowed to get out and socialize until all is done. Discipline!

And the anxiety regarding what to wear on Saturday? Postponed it until tomorrow evening. As luck would have it, got some fab advice from Sara before she headed back to London. She simply said "don´t listen to Trinny and Susannah". I´ll write more about their total shredding of my alternatives later, it´s too depressing writing about it now.
God, I miss Sara! Met her and Maria this Monday, can´t believe it´s been 11 years since we headed down to Hultsfred, clubbed at all these parties and were totally obnoxious. Ha, I am still I guess! Anyhow, am sooo proud of Sara and her designs! I´m convinced she´ll become a success.
It´s nice to have people you go a long way back with, around. It´s really cool that Maria have been working here all summer, but it can´t be that fun for her to have Andreas up north.

Tomorrow I´m meeting up with the other kompisar från förr, since it´s Lenas birthday. But first - finish this job!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ooops. Tumbled over. Again.

If you begin the day tumbling over...you´ve supposedly had a great night out, which was the case yesterday. Charlottas "hen-dinner" was totally glam with a superfab group of ladies that I really look forward to meet again this saturday. Among them was Charlottas sister in law, the übercool and stylish Sabina who I haven´t seen since New Years a couple of years ago.

The world is sooo small, talking about friends we found out both of us knows Bonny! And another girl at the dinner, Susanne, knows my friend Katarina F. It´s really not that supersurprising when thinking of it - of course fab people know each other.

Am slightly hungover, will make myself a superdouble coffee to wake up...have lots to take care of today.

Will copy fab friend EJP and throw in song of the day: Don´t be cruel, Bobby Brown - was played at Berns yesterday, until they suddenly put on some kind of improvised jazz. They should´ve sticked with Bobby.

And garment of the day: the tunic I found at the market in Spain. The colors are perfect with my tan, the fabric gives a really careless feeling and the sparkles make it glamorous.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Music can save the day

Current favourites:
- Roisin Murphy - the woman is a genious
- John Legend - still
- Azucar Moreno - a summer must, sets the perfect flamenco mood
- Alejandro Sanz - the reason to Shakiras latest success

Get me the f**k outta here

Have been back a week almost and am already sick and tired of the following:
- music by Per Gessle on the radio
- people walking in line with their 4953434783748375 kids, making it quite difficult to pass by
- strange weather. I know. It´s the swedish summer. But nonetheless, could it please make up its mind and decide for rain OR shine, preferrably not both the same day. It makes it very, very diffucult to dress up and not
a) sweat
b) freeze and get a cold

Have delivered one job and part of another one today. Have to deliver one more that´s almost finished. Am panicking a bit, but I´ll manage before it´s time for this evenings adventure.

Spoke to Kicki a while ago. Always enjoy speaking with her, be it regarding anything. She´s one of these unique persons that have the guts to tell you if something´s weird, to encourage and tell stuff like it is. Brava!