Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ps. Zlatan IS king!

I really don´t give a damn.
The guy is on his way to become one of the greatest, just watch him. The thing is - he wouldn´t even be half as exciting and cool as he totally is if he was to be molded to be a superboring Mr Nice Guy.
Zlatan is King going for Emperor.

Hence, Attitude Icon of the day - Zlatan.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I guess it´s good for working. That way you don´t feel that great demand to be outdoors having a nice icecream - preferably from the Gelateria Italiana - and kicking back in the park. Or looking stylish at some uteservering at Stureplan.

I´ve only been able to wear my wedges in bronze ONCE this season. Isn´t it a shame? I totally have to move. The question is just where; should I go for the Mediterranean? London? Or cross the ocean?

This completely grey weather makes me sooo tired. I just want to curl up in the sofa and read this great book I´m reading, "Box 21". Makes you want to barf, but is a really interesting tale about lifes filthier side.

Aargharghrg. Sooo annoying! Just discovered I´ve ran out of yoghurt. Great. Have to put on a decent look and go shopping. Man, and I haven´t even had the mornings first latte yet...bah.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sweet taste of freedom

I really do enjoy being able doing my own stuff now. It´s like, "hey, I can actually have really long lunchbreaks!" - and nobody´s gonna give me crap for it. I can also party whenever I feel like it and get up as late as I want. It´s all up to me. And I love it!!!

Today´s been a really nice day. Even though it started out rather stressful, but I managed. Although....I could have made a somewhat bigger effort to look stylish....I guess my stylish me was replaced by my stressed out me. Awful. Shouldn´t happen again, haha.
The weather in Stockholm at the moment is very non-reliable, it rains, the sun shines, rains again, etc. Extremely tröttsamt.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more stable day in all means, I´d really like to wear my prairie skirt with my sandals someday soon! But I guess I´ll have to wear jeans, my beloved D&G jeans and some nice top. I am quite excited of tomorrows get together with A & H and the fabulous jewelry designers. I´ll get my new necklace, the one with a rosary feeling. It´s kind of nice but rough. Just as I like it!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Style Icon of the Day....

...has to be a Latina queen, like Judy Reyes (nurse Carla in "Scrubs"!). Or maybe it ought to be nurse Carla, althought her dress code is somewhat more limited to...scrubs.

Monday goodie

What a monday goodie - I had totally forgot about the June issue of Latina Magazine I got friday, hoooray! I just lovelovelove that glossie, even though it makes me miss California and everything latino that is so prominent in the US.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Style Icon of the Day

Has to be....Janis Joplin. Not only because of her fabulous whiskey-d voice, but for her boho/hippie-chic style that is oh so right for mellow hungovered days like today.

Hungover hell

Fabulous, fabulous party yesterday!!! Listened to the Backyard Babies while getting ready, which resulted in a somewhat mixed style: street/goth/punkrock. Whatever you´d call it, I got a bunch of compliments for it.
Today I feel like...very, very, what do you call it? In swedish it´s seg. Like an old chewing gum you´d chewed on far too long. That´s exactly how I feel. I´d better get my act together though, have loads of stuff to do.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Style Icon of the Day is.....

....swedish rockstar Dregen! Unbeatable style, attitude and lots of that je ne sais quai that makes a true rockstar. Smålands biggest contribution to the world is not IKEA, it´s the Backyard Babies. By far.

The beootch is back!

...and she´s very ashamed of not writing in nearly two months. What I´ve been up to? Nothing unusual really except for the ordinary working, partying, shopping....obsessing about some stuff and also plain kicking back. Speaking about that, just realized I´d better get a task done, deadline is approaching too fast this friday morning!