Monday, February 28, 2005

Monster monday surprises

Who the fuck likes mondays? If you could come up with one good thing about mondays, please let me know. (Well, apart from CSI, that is.) It seems as if there has to happen some shit during the week, it has to be on a monday.
Todays monday surprise included rinsing and cleaning the sink. A very glamorous thing to do, don´t you think? I´m glad it´s tuesday tomorrow and also another month. One day closer to the weekend and one month closer to spring.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday and I´m in love with my new top

Found the most lovely floaty top at favourite store yesterday. Can winter pleeeeaseee give up now so I can wear it? The top is very...Tweet. You know the soulbird with the smooth tunes? I just love her new song, the one with superfab Missy Elliot.

Am also really excited about Lenny Kravitz hitting town this summer! Man, what a voice, what a body! And I´ve touched it. Am very, very proud of it, ´cause it means I can die somewhat satisfied. What more can you ask for after grabbing Lenny Kravitz ass?!

Just have to list most desirable men with fab voices - the ones that makes me go nuts, too bad a couple of them aren´t alive.
1. Michael Hutchence - Australias one and only contribution to mankind. Sorry Kylie. Sorry Steve. Sorry Nicole.
2. Lenny Kravitz - Lord, have mercy.
3. Andreas Johnson - Just glorious. Where´s he at? What happened?
4. 2Pac - How do I want it.....
5. John Legend - !!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Gothenburg glitz

I´m sooo sad I can´t make it to friends party in Gothenburg this saturday! Besides not being able to partyyyy and see my girliegirls SuperSofia and Clarabijoux, I have to postpone my westcoast shopping spree.
Last year I found gorgeous stuff in nice boutiques, among them my favourite weekend hold all: a black bag with a big black satin bow and a rhinestone N. N is for Nanso. That´s also the label responsable for me falling in love with a great dress that is very Diane von Furstenberg. Nanso is a finnish label and another proof of great finnish design. They´re like, bolder and dare so much more than the swedes. I guess it´s the sisu thing going on. Anyhow, Nanso is definitely one of my favourite labels and I´m glad they now have a shop in Stockholm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And one of the nominees for best kulturblog is..... beautyful stylish friend Anna Ks blog, featuring Mel E! Check it out, you´ll like it, although, it´s a plus if you know swedish.
Anna has great style, I can´t recall having seen a mother-to-be as stylish as her, ever.

Real, yeah, right!

Am very, very, very, disappointed. Extremely disappointed. Whattef happened with Zlatan? Del Piero? Nedved? I simply don´t get it.
I better have another latte and just get over it. I really hope they win the next game, otherwise I won´t be able to show up att Dello´s braging about Juventus. Bah.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bianca, Diane and a girl named Kitty

This morning I took a clue from Bianca Jagger, Diane von Furstenberg and this swedish girl who has appeared in reality shows, Kitty Jutbring. She´s the only reality show participant I´ve seen that has great style. Kitty looks like a blend of Madonna in the early years and Cindy Lauper. Very bold, colorful and refreshing.

Style no-no of the day: khaki-beige. You get pale in winter and that shade makes you look even more pale and kind of transparent. Not flattering at all. Ditch it.

Just like a boomerang

It´s kind of nice when some people from your past reemerges and just kind of make a great...appearence in your life again. It´s a bit scary how much they remember about you, though. Specially when last time you saw them you were like, really drunk and thought you were fab in that stylishly smashed way = no style at all.
Am looking forward to hear more from this boomerang. When it comes to great humour and nice muscles, I´m first in line.
Shallow, I know....

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Stylish stars

And this weekends style icons, of course:
- Mary J. Blige - ever so stylish and classy, even in full bling hiphop outfits
- Alicia Keys - the girl´s got it all, rumor has it she even has Lenny K, now THAT is a superstylish accessory!!!
- Everything Italian - yeah, even Donatella Versace. Now my heart and soul is with Juventus, I soooo hope they´ll beat Real Madrid this tuesday.

Weekend no-no:
- Swedish Schlagerfestival artists - Who styles those people? Are they conscious about the vomiting risk they´re creating? Or do people outside of Sto...sorry, outside the bigger cities enjoy that?

Treasure hunting

It sucks to work on the weekends. As it´s not enough to be a pay check-slave during the weeks, you gotta do it in the weekends as well. Sucks big time.

Quite nice weekend though, tequilaparty, lovely brunch with the ever lovely EJP and nice dinner. I had to keep kind of sober yesterday to be able to get up and work today. Bah.

Remember the vintage green suede skirt I found and lost? Well - there really were other skirts in the sea just waiting for me to pick them up. EJP and I found the most lovely, clean and cool vintage store. We tried on fabulous dresses and skirts - I just had to buy this great peasant skirt that will be a great staple to rely on this spring. It´s got a Marc Jacobs kind of look. Will be great with boots and also with strappy sandals. I might go for the gipsy/pirate-de-luxe-look this spring.
I just loooove finding quality vintage stores! They´re such gold mines! Am very excited about it.
Am also considering totally crazy pink fur I drewled over but didn´t try. Hope it´s there later this week. Yeah, I know, it´ll be spring soon....but you can never go wrong with a pink sheepskin fur, can you?

Friday, February 18, 2005

There´s something about Strindberg....

I bet the man never realized how big he was going to become. The play yesterday was brilliant, brilliant! Great actors too. And I really admire the poor thing that had to show it all, very brave!

Finally friday, am soo glad the working week soon´s over and it´ll only be fun and no work the next days. Am kicking the weekend off by being discretely obedient and wearing jeans to work. We´re not supposed to wear jeans, we have a dress code you see. And that´s ok I guess - if you spend a lot of time with clients. But I don´t and besides - it´s time somebody makes a silent stylish revolution here!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Top thursday, right

Am usually very fond of thursdays. It´s basically weekend and there´s always something going on. Now that I don´t study in the evenings anymore (have become ignorant) I´m free to have cosmopolitans wherever whenever.
But today I´m just tired, very less and the one thing on the agenda this evening A Strindberg-play. Exciting. I usually like Strindberg, but I´m too tired to appreciate it today. Maybe I could just take a catnap or something....

Style icon of the day: Frida Kahlo. Found fabulous necklace with image of Frida in nice shop near work. Am considering it.
Style no-no of the day: my colleagues. Sorry.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Snowy wednesday

It´s kind of hard being stylish in arctic weather. If you are not clad in head-to-toe fur that is. I know, it´s not politically correct, etc, etc. But were the cavemen politically correct? I know, they weren´t civilized and had to survive, which justifies their use of fur. I should shut up about this, but you know, I´m one of those slightly perverted species of human that really enjoys bullfights. (Are you puking now?)

Stella McCartney is, apart from being cool designer, a kind spirit with her no leather/no fur/no animal products, etc. (Does she use silk from larvaes? Just wondering.) But her mother nonetheless died of cancer even though she didn´t eat meat and seemed to be a very healthconscious lady. Tragic. I do admire their animalfriendliness and environmental conscioussness. I wish I could be a little more like that. But I just can´t stop eating meat, I love furs, leather, bullfights. Am perverted and will be burned in the purgatory by small furry animals and big bulls will hunt me forever.

Brought Dan to work today. My colleagues nearly had a fit, he is soooo perfect, the ultimate all american white guy! Too bad he´s such a puppet!

Todays style inspiration is....Letizia of Spain. Not only is she married to one of the most handsome royal heirs in Europe, she also seem to be smart and dresses impeccably. Am very, very envious, although in a good way.

Todays no-no is....Paris Hilton. Such a living proof that money can´t buy you true style. But people seem to like it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Chato - of course

Bobby Cannavales ´character is called Chato!
Haha, like Chato the cheater or similar.


Tuesday. Disaster of the day: had nosebleeding attack on way to work, had to go back home and sit with cotton in my nostrils until it stopped. Then I had to clean the nostrils from dryed-in blood-cotton. Disgusting.
Good for me I had Mr Perfect being sweet and telling me stuff like "sweetheart, you look gorgeous without make up" and other fantastic lies that suits a diva like me.
Slightly hungover after fab evening with cosmopolitans en masse and slightly dizzy after stupid nosebleeding attack I went to work. Feel like a zombie. And it´s freeeeezing cold of course, what could I expect, it´s the coldest month of the year.

Above it all, it was the most terrible, terrible Kingpin-episode ever yesterday! Poor...what´s Bobby Cannavales´ characters name? Miguels brother? My boyfriend!
Anyhow, it was totally disgusting.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Monday. Again. Terrible day, although it´s Valentines and everything ought to be pink, fluffy, sweet and gorgeous. Blimey. It´s cold, windy, kind of artic and the springlike weather is gone, gone, gone.
I shouldn´t complain, I know, I´ve gotten nice presents and candyhearts. But it´s still monday.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Pink panther

Hello, my name is Gonzalita and I´m a pink pepperchocoholic.
I´ve just initiated a relationship with pink pepper covered in chocolate. Delicately delightful and delicious. And very dangerous - I just can´t stop eating! The combination sweet, hot and very tasty is unbeatable.

Stylishly smashed

Right. A gorgeous evening is often - though not always - followed by a less gorgeous hangover. Today...mår jag som en räv. Sorry. Can´t really be translated.
No regrets though, lovely drinks, stylish socializing and fab champagne. Things couldn´t hardly be better. (DeNiro picking me up in fab stretch limo would be the one thing.)
Highligts of the evening included:
- The return of the Glittering Sunshine, with superstylish rock on the finger!
- Happy pill striking a pose with a stuffed marten.
- Martial arts-goddess´oh so cute cuffs
- Sour Apple Martinis and Rhubarb cocktails
- giggling ride home with Canapé-glam-godess

Just have to comment the following (breaking news):
*Prince Charles marrying Camilla - Kind of cute despite it all. They match each other very well, both have that horseish look.
*Condoleeza Rice - Ahum. Maybe a stylist would be a good idea?

My head is killing me. Can´t really focus on important political happenings. Must concentrate on not falling out of chair.
To be continued.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Most stylish video ever

Of course our Madonna-list spin-offed in more lists. One of them was Most Stylish Videos We´ve Seen.
Here goes:
1. Vogue, Madonna - as mentioned before.
2. Fallin´- Alicia Keys
3. Naughty Girl - Beyoncé
4. You don´t know my name - Alicia Keys
5. Used to love you - John Legend

....and counting. To be continued!

Madonna santa!

Mailbattled with fab friend this morning about Madonnas top 10 songs, which are the best, most important, with the most stylish videos, etc. After a lot of mailing we kind of agreed on the follwing:
1. Vogue - the ultimate stylish video
2. Justify my love - stylish and steaming
3. Express yourself - no comments needed
4. I´m not sorry - bold bondage and no excuses
5. Deeper and deeper - goes excellent with pre-party Bolly and high heels
6. Frozen - brilliant
7. Material girl - pink, sparkling and soo glamorous
8. Bad girl - I just love the appearance of Christopher Walken in the video
9. Into the groove - great song, great style
10. Rain - so beautyful it hurts

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

All that glitters

Just realized I haven´t worn my new cardie! Bought it at one of my favourite boutiques. The lady that owns it has the most beautyful garments and the prices are reasonable. The cardie I bought last saturday is lime green with silver thread. It will be perfect with my sparkling D&G-jeans and my new Vanja necklace with pearls in green shades, garnets, coral and a small skull. It´s fab! I look like a cannibal princess with it and I love it.
If I´d wear it at work I´ll bet the suits would wonder, haha. Maybe I should create this myth about myself as the exotic, ferocious web editor - that would be something!

From bling to nostalgia, I walked down memory lane the other day and stumbled over some tunes from the 80´s that I´ve totally forgotten about. Now don´t laugh, haha, but I really liked them:
- "Cross my heart" - Eight Wonder. Patsy Kensit rocked!
- "Pleasure principle" - Janet Jackson. Lady of cool.
- "Each time you break my heart" - Nick Kamen. Model behaviour. The memory of his perfect looks in the Levis´ad and this video is the reason I still have this thing for...yes.
- "The living daylights" - Aha. Smooth.
- "I fly for you" - Spandau Ballet. Smoother.
- "You give love a bad name" - Bon Jovi. I was convinced Richie Sambora and I were meant to be. Too bad Heather Locklear thought the same of them and got to marry him before I got a decent chance, haha.
- "Tarzan Boy" - Baltimora. No comments. I liked it!
- "Robert De Niro is waiting" - Bananarama. Maybe this was what initiated my fascination for this totally brilliant, stylish, handsome and smart bad boy-looking actor.

I bet my fratellino will laugh his arse off when he reads this, he has always given me hints about my (impeccable) taste in music, haha.

Reality bites

I have this love/hate relationship with reality shows. It´s interesting to watch relationships of all kind emerge, evolve and end, I love to laugh at all the oddness and shit that people do, but at the same time I feel sick about myself watching it.
The one I enjoy the most is Top Model, because of the fashion and glam factor that you oddly find in other reality shows. And the one that entertains me most, must be the swedish Club Goa, what a laugh!

Instant gratification-junkie

Do good things really come to those who wait?
I know it´s a bad, bad, bad addiction, but nonetheless I´ve totally succumbed to the glorious thrill of instant gratification. I guess Dr Phil would give me a lecture about the stupidity of it, tell me to better act somebody and to learn how to spell p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.


I better stop talking on the phone after midnight. I´m realizing it´s bad for my health, my sleep and my looks, it takes a lot of make up to look somewhat fresh and alert in the mornings.
It doesn´t help people tell me I look a million dollars if I feel like my brain consists of overdone marshmallow. I should move to Spain and be allowed to have a siesta by midday.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

What a week....

I don´t see myself as a bizzi bee, rather a lazy bitch. That´s why I´m kinda surprised this week already is over, how did it happen?
Some of the weeks highlights:
- monday: went to the movies to see "Masjävlar", brilliant, brilliant film!!!
- tuesday: slept, slept, slept
- wednesday: almost burned my preciousss hairmane at fab book launch, I know, I´m a fucking attention whore doing what it takes to be noticed!
- thursday: dinner at fratellinos´.
- friday: visited Terrenos Vinotek with fab friends, and I thank the Lord the place is near my home.
- saturday: fab brunch and shopping followed by nice dinner and somewhat early night
- sunday: brunch, pressie-shopping, hang out and dinner at fratellinos´.

And now it´s time to call it a day and get some beautysleep, but first I will replace the tunes in my MuVo. I´m kinda tired of hearing same old, same old. Besides, if I can´t enjoy John Legends´I Used to Love You at least once a day I´ll be trippin´.
Call it an addiction.

Sweet dreams!