Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yeah, right!

After lovely brunch with lovely friend EJP, we strolled to the fab vintage store to pick up the green suede skirt I´ve been obsessing about.
Yeah, right!
It was gone. It had been picked up earlier on that day, the salesgirlish boy announced. As well as the coral dress with angora neck. Faan. Faaan. Faaaaan!
Well, I guess I should take that as a lesson to act and not react. Or as Isabel once told me: "When you see something you like, compralo! ´Cause you don´t know if it still will be in the shop tomorrow".
After that anticlimax I had to pamper myself with something, so a pair of suede (but not green) gloves and other accessories came back home with me. As well as the british editions of In Style and ELLE, that I cannot possibly live without. Call it an addiction.

Damn, I wish I´d bought the skirt. Bah. I guess I should just stop obsessing and get on with it. There are other skirts in the sea.

Friday, January 28, 2005

So what about the jeans?

Right. So when you have a blog that friends and familia read they are aware of what you´re up to. I spoke with my fratellino and he asked what about the jeans I found in my closet yesterday, did I try them and - did they fit?
Actually, I haven´t even thought about it but I might as well try them on and just find out if I´ve turned into a fat cow. And the verdict is.......they actually fit! But they´re way too short to wear with heels. An impossilibity for me. The only time I do NOT wear heels is if I´m powerwalking, working out or something. When you´re such an attentionaddict (and short) as I am, high heels is a must.

Watching MTV all day long makes you:
- miss the good ol´days when MTV Europe was fab, with VJs Pip Dann, Steve Blame, Majken Wexö and of course Downtown Julie Brown!
- want to look like JLo or Beyoncé
- want to barf when hearing middle-of-the-road boring shit. No names. I´m far too diplomatic on that one....

Most enjoyable videos today:
- John Legend, Used to love you - I just can´t get enough of it, the mans´got it all; voice, style, looks.
- Good Charlotte, yes please, I just want to live!
- Chemical Brothers, Galvanize
- JLo, Get right, yeah chica, you really got it right! As my fab fellow Drinkar & Män-girlfriend Ammi said: Blir sjukt sugen på dans och drinkar när jag hör den.
Sjukt is the word.

Some days are better than others

There have been better days. Hate to have to be in bed and barely be able to speak. That´s why the Internet is such a blessing, right!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Things that makes you go hmmm....

What is it that makes clothes and fashion so damn addictive? And if there existed a cure, would I want to be cured? Hmmmmmmm.

Being at home with a cold makes you sleep a lot. And when you don´t sleep you think a lot of weird thoughts, like why not reorganize the wardrobe since I´m home doing nothing? Right. Halfway throught it I was so tired I just shuffled everything back in. So much for that reorganization.
But there were some positive things about it:
- I managed to organize my shoes somewhat neatly, shoewarderobes are great - grazie mille fratellino & samba!
- I found my denim tie with rhinestones from Tjallamalla! I was convinced I´ve lost it at a Scarface party last year. Hm.
- I also found a pair of Levis´I had totally forgotten. I did not have the courage to try them on. I might do it tomorrow. What if they don´t fit? Hmm.
- Finally, I found a sweater with my name embroidered, from Schalin. I have to use it more often. I do forget things now and then, even my name. Hmmm.

I also discovered I have a lot of black garments. Which is nice. I love black, but I also like to be bold and express myself with colors.
My favourite non-black garments have to be:
- pink cashmere polo sweater
- bright green sweater, perfect to combine with jeans and animal prints
- long, grey tweed ra ra-ish kind of skirt. It´s very Carrie Bradshaw and makes me feel like an obedient princess
- orange top with a black cat print. Christmas present from my fab friend Kicki. I don´t know anyone who is as good as her when it comes to gifts.
- a forest green suede skirt I found in my favourite vintage store the other day. In my mind it´s mine already. It would go perfectly with the golden belt I got from Charlotta, another fab väninna.

More is definitely more

The thought of not being able to mix languages feels claustrophobic. Why only use one language when there are so many? If you don´t understand a word, expression or similar, just ask.

Bling of the day

Even a day like this when I´ve been in bed with a terrible cold, there are things that put the g in bling and brightens up the most greyish day.
1. la salsa Pedro Navaja - never get tired of it, must be one of the most brilliant salsas ever.
2. Bridget Jones diary - the book. 'Ooops tumled over' is a fabulous expression.
3. Kingpin - is it available on dvd? And is Bobby Cannavale available?! Madonna santa, que hombre!
4. Top Model season 3 - go Yaya and Eva! Gosh I wish I looked like them!
5. Drinkar & Män - the most gorgeous set of väninnor/amigas/girlfriends you could ever have.

Blog, actually

How nice to finally have a blog!
Even though nobody but me and maybe my clique will ever read this, I like the idea of having a rincón of cyberspace. Superfab!