Monday, September 11, 2006

Champagne, Tequila Martinis, fabulous friends and what will happen October 24

My weekend was hilarious! Can´t believe it´s monday evening already. It feels like Friday evening was yesterday! Met upp lovelylicious goddessfriend LM for bubbles at this new champagne bar downtown. We were just going to catch up, etc - but somehow the evening turned into night and into the wee hours. On the way there we did Sturehof, East, Spy Bar and ended at Solidaritet.

Guess if we were all but sober when grabbing a cab home...and the cab driver drove all but gently, which didn´t make things better, although at that point we were übergiggly!

The morning after I barely got up for breakfast with the very talented Miss Elegance, and to make things worse I couldn´t find my sunglasses.

And if there´s anything I really won´t do when badly hungover it is to leave my place without sunglasses. Big, big no-no. Don´t do that.

During what remained of Saturday evening I was feeling like an overcooked spaghetti. Met up with fun photographer LivL. for dinner and realized I needed something to resurrect. I was intrigued by the Tequila Martini on the menu - and man was it good! Downed 3-4 of them during the rest of the evening, very, very, yummy I must say. It´s now my new favourite drink.

Yesterday I didn´t had to get up too early to meet L&K over brunch, but it was a bit of a pain anyway. I still felt kind of overcooked, but not as bad as Saturday morning. We had lovely brunch and then strutted over to Västermalmsgallerian for some book shopping. Like I didn´t have enough books in my place, I know, but I just can´t help myself, I have to have them and read them. My preciousssss.

So what´s happening October 24? According to his page in Myspace, his new album will be out then, yeeeeeeeeeey!!!
Now, if this talented and divine miss would release a new album soon it would be total bliss - great soundtracks to go with fall and all the lovely things that go with it.

Yes, I´m an autumn person and damn proud of it. Actually no other season suits me better.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Her name was Lola...

...she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there!

Karaoke night yesterday, totally craze and so much fun! It was Shimmeringshoes bye bye-bash and we started at PSB and continued to Snövit, a small karaoke bar with a mixed audience. Shimmeringshoes and I sang the Barry Manilow oldie "Copacabana" and had a lots of fun. In some strange way the whole bunch but JL and me managed to get drunk. So when the place closed we grabbed Shimmenringshoes by the hands, stopped a cab and went straight down to Spy Bar. Had a great time besides some rude people - but hey, it´s smalltown Stockholm we´re talking about and some people really act like they just came out of the mud with the pigs = stupid hillbillies with no sense of social behaviour.

Now talking about behaviour, guess who´s still kind of drunk. The 3895835959089 vodka redbull I drank quite fast kicked in, like now. Why?! Uninstant gratification. Totally unfair.
And I´m supposed to go to parents place today. Yeeeeey. Am still tumbling over. And I only remember some fragments from yesterday, damn, I thought I and everything was crystal clear, but apparently not.

Have to mention I´m very, very pleased with the FrostFrench-blouse I found at Life's Too Short Not to Wear Beautiful Things. It´s already my new favourite wardrobe garment.
Now I´m only waiting for the fall to kick in properly so I can wear the blood red gloves I found there as well. Life is in deed too short not to wear beautiful things and not to hang out with smart and beautiful people like all of my friends, and family as well, are. And that is no lie.

Damn I'm drunk. Ooooops. Tumbled over.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday day stress

Most Saturdays are all about the following for me:
- picking up stuff from the dry cleaner
- shopping gifts/beverages for whatever event or get together is going on Saturday evening or night
- shopping for essential stuff like cotton buds, nail polish remover or pantyhose
- recovering from whatever went on Friday night

Today was no exception. Tried to get up somewhat early, which didn´t succeed, so I had to get over to Söder in a rush to get my Dancing Cats earrings and then stress over to Dellos' for coffee before I turned into a total bitch. And since my local dry cleaner close at 2 pm, the latte was to go instead of to enjoy. But I got my gear that I almost had forgotten all about. That´s the nice thing about picking up stuff that´s been dry cleaned - it almost feels like after a shopping spree since I manage to forget all about the garments I've turned in.