Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cheesy drunk

Hangover from hell. Or morelike, from the hood.
Am very impressed with self though, getting my somewhat intoxicated arse home and blogging. In the wee hours. Or past the wee hours. I recall hearing birds sing. It was not one of those bright, sunny summer mornings though, it was a more sheer kind of pearly grey ambient. Quite elegant in fact.
I passed my old school and where we went to the scouts. Passed the places where old classmates and friends lived. Many of them does not live here anymore. Literally. Knowwhattamsayin´?
Send someone (an ex) a cheesy text because shit reminded me of him. (That I do actually regret. Drunken minds don´t tend to do smart thinking.)

When I got to the place where we lived for years when I grew up I just had to go and check it out. And so I stood and watched the number 101 for ages. A window was open and somebody in there was snoaring very loud, loud enough for me to hear.

Got home to my parents. Fell asleep with clothes and make up on.
Brutta figura, I know, but hey, I´m not doing the Memory Lane-tripping often. In fact never.
Still love my friends though.

Friday, July 21, 2006

You the best

I love you so much right now - my kompisar från förr. You´re the shit that makes me feel for real, the ones that keep me grounded, the ones I don´t have to pretend anything for.

Sanna, Lena, Lilia, Elin and also Johanna: I love you so much right now - and always. You know where I´m from, what I´m up to and we've been through shitloads together.
All my love and best to you. You guys are - as cheesy it might be - pilars that that I can rely on and totally inspire me.
I don´t want to be withouth you.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Gonzalita about La Copa

  • Most exciting game: Germany - Argentina
  • Most disappointing game: Holland - Argentina, 0-0. Why? Because of the argentinian born Dutch Princess?
  • Best new talent: Prince Frank Ribéry
  • Best old talent: Emperor Zinedine Zidane
  • Most elegant player: King Thierry Henry
  • Biggest disappointment playerwise: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Most overrated team/s: Brazil and unfortunately, Sweden
  • Hardest part: To see Argentina depart in such an ugly way. Why Pekerman, why?!
  • Most unfair treated player: Christiano Ronaldo
  • Most disgusting player: That Lukas Po....whatshisname, the German guy who really liked to show his friendship (?) with the referees and did a very ugly gesture after his penalty in the game against Argentina.
  • Worst referee: The Brazilian xxxxx who handled Germany - Sweden in a very ugly way, totally in favour of the hosts. Someone might have left the tournament with stuff but no honour.


Honeyz I´m hooooome!

Gonzalita´s back after a somewhat blog free month. Guess you need it sometimes to develope the creative process or whatever. Or maybe I just needed a break, as I sometimes do from stuff, specially stuff I like a lot - to avoid turning a big bore. Which explains my relationship history quite well, first a really nice phase, then me getting bored and needing air.
(I have tried to do something about this, but it seems unavoidable, it will always come a day when I need to take a break to be able to return with more energy or whatever)

Anyhow, the last month has consisted of:
  • work
  • more work
  • FIFA World Cup = grief, anger, joy
  • socializing
  • sunbathing & swimming
  • allergy reaction
  • Depeche Mode at Stadion, Stockholm
  • sleep
  • more sleep
  • drowling over the pictures below

I know, lovely combo of my favourite Italian designer label and the gorgeous Gli Azzurri. Breathtaking. Do I need to tell you the pictures have caused a lot of female friends to actually watch football, hehe.

Am very pleased over their victory, although I actually would have been very happy if Les Bleus had won. Feel sorry for Trezeguet and Zidane. Although I know it was wrong of him to behave in such a way, you don´t solve anything, not even a World Cup Final with violence.