Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tosca + CSI Miami

Equals trashy cool. Even better when it´s my favourite part from Tosca; "E lucevano le stelle". Gives me goose bumps.

This afternoon and evening has consisted of :
- working and coughing
- lingerine fashion show, very french, very pretty
- goody bag with a suspicious teared up chocolate sachette, very strange, very CSI
- almost saw an accident happen, a bus seemed to have hit someone - now that´s CSI
- hung out with my fabulous, fantastic friend K, whose boyfriend and high school friend of ours, B, picked us up and drove me home. I love my friends.

Spent all afternoon and evening in my beige suede/gold court shoes. Love them. Bargain made in heaven. I might have some good karma after all.

Save room

Got that tune on repeat.
Love John Legend. Not only does he have the coolest name, the smoothest voice, the best songs. But also that sharp look I´m a total sucker for.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ginger tea

Among all of the stuff that sucks when having a cold, there are some nice things. Being able to stay at home in a soft track suit under the duvet and write stuff. The quality of it of course will depend on how much fever you got, but if it´s manageable, it can turn out quite ok.

Besides the track suit factor, ginger tea is also very nice. And watching some good old day time television, Oprah, Martha, Tyra. And reading glossies and some new chicklitt I got the other day - perfect for days with a cold when you just want and need to be entertained.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Do you see what I see?

This painting by Norwegian paintor Edvard Munch just says it all, don´t you think?

Sometimes everything´s just too much to cope with, which in my case makes me want to scream to the whole world to go fuck itself. Just scream that out loud and shut the door. Leave it all outside. Then go to sleep and hopefully wake up to a better day and as a better person.

Anyhow. I guess I feel somewhat sick with it all because of exhaustion. I can´t complain, I´ve been social every single evening for about three weeks in a row now, guess you can´t demand to be on top when being that off.

I´ve had loads of fun though, and I´ve hung out with people I haven´t seen for ages or very seldom do see. Like Elin, Sylvia, M&M, Marie, Anna, Lisa. Lovely. Hopefully it won´t pass as much time before I get to see them again.

Friday, August 04, 2006

X-essss of the world unite or what?

The other day I got to know that one of my exes had mailed to another.
What a wonderful world.
Why can´t we all just get along?

Or maybe, why can´t we all just tumble the fuck over?

Over and out for today. Had totally brilliant evening anyhow and totally refuse to let anyone ruin it. Exes does most definitely not mean excess. In any way.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Texting X-thing

Me to X: Consider me gone, forgotten, dead.
X to me: Ok. Does it mean we won´t talk anymore?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Digging in the dirty X-files

The other day it just burst. All of it. Out in the open.
The loaded, dirty, X-file. The X-file of my life, containing all the shit gathered during 14 years on-and-off relationship.
And it was not a sight for sore eyes. It was the most brutta figura ever.

Not being comfortable with it, I suggested cleansing it. Vacuuming it. Getting rid of it. Which in turn evolved to some kind of reminding argument about what and why that person is my X.

Now, after almost a week of masochistic behaviour I´m actually quite fed up with it. But still, part of me wants to throw it all away, where I never can find it again and just get rid of it. Part of me wants to keep it, very close to my heart.
Lord, am I being´s not really my stylee to go on about emotional shit like this, but I guess it can´t, and shouldn´t, be ignored in ones life.

It feels good to know though that this time and this shit will pass. Now I´m going to change into some black stuff and go celebrate todays birthdaygirl, my fabulous friend Be.