Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fashion skeletons in the closet

Am really preoccupied with what to wear to Charlotta & Pachis weddingparty. Am only finding fashion skeletons in my closet. Am afraid I have to try and find some time to go dresshunting this week, or maybe I should try out some outfits, I mean, I´ve only worn some of dresses hanging in my wardrobe once.

Dress candidates for weddingparty:
- Raspberry coloured classic dress in thai silk, worn once to a wedding.
- Dress with Dalí-print. Quirky and different, I love it but don´t know what shoes to wear.
- Little Black Dress. Classic but soooo boring, specially for a summerwedding.

I really have to try out some outfits.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life continues

Going on holiday is sometimes like visiting a totally different world, a more carefree and less demanding one. Although obviously it is the same world and the reality escaped from lurks around the corner reminding of itself.

But now I´m back on track with five deadlines to deliver next week. Love it! Have lots of Brazilian and French coffee to rely on. The later a gift from supergirl Sofia, who bought me the rich tasting coffee we had last year when visiting the Riviera.

Stockholm is cloudy. Good for my working morale. Otherwise I´d probably be making plans on having fab lunch with rose wine en masse. But I do hope the sun´ll shine someday soon - I do want to keep my tan, I´ve worked really hard to get it.

Contacted Gate Gourmet, Sterling DK about the missing product I ordered to get on the flight home but haven´t heard a single word. I do hope they mail or call. I wantwantwant my Ole Henriksen Face Tonic!

Next week it´s Charlotta & Pachis weddingparty! Am sooo happy for them! Look forward to celebrate them, although I´m not sure about what to wear....will look through my closet later and hope I not only find skeletons.

Yesterday there was a big drama in the building! Suddenly firemen started showing up. Quite nice I´d say if they ´d not scared the shit out of me when banging loudly on the door and asking if I was cooking. I was not. (Surprise, surprise.) When I opened the door the fireman outside was totally covered and wearing a mask and the hall was full with smoke. Scary!
I was scared I wouldn´t be able to get out, and I was being picked up by parents to go to aunt Auroras for dinner, but by then the firemen had cleared the smoke with enormous ventilators. I still felt somewhat smoked after this, but I´m sooo glad nothing more dangerous happened.

Over at auntie A, uncle Hugo awaited with fabulous food. Great dinner overall! Left around midnight to avoid being transformed into toad, pumpkin or similar.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Holiday bliss

Spain is litterally (not in a supertrendy way) hot, hottie, hot. As in hot as hell. It´s such a bliss we live by the sea and have a nice pool.

Holidaying with relatives is nice, altough somewhat exhausting since we´ve never spent this much time 24/7. And I really enjoy being on my own sometimes and having a quiet surrounding. But it´s nonetheless very, very nice. I really like Spain. The culture, the people, the food, the wine. La siesta. A totally genious invention. A siesta a day do keep the stress away.

Shopping so far have included some taxfree stuff and things I found at the market this friday. I´m planning on doing a lot better though, am going hunting soon. The only thing I´ll really miss doing would be going to a Corrida de Toros. None of my relatives are into it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


A couple of hours to go. Got the passport - I almost freaked when I saw the amount of people waiting, but only had to wait about 20 minutes - and am not as stressed as I thought I´d be. Got some stuff left though, like throw stuff from the fridge. Once that stuff was edible but I forgot about it and now it´s just disgusting.

Am still a bit upset because of all stuff that has happened. It will be truly great to just somewhat let go.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Life ain´t nothing but a bubble

  • Do seize the day,
  • Do tell your family & friends that you love them,
  • Do buy those fabulous shoes,
  • Do dance and shake your booty every time you hear La Tortura,
  • Do eat vegetables,
  • Do wear lots and lots of sunscreen,
  • Do watch that movie although it might be the most commercial shit ever,
  • Do read newspapers,
  • Do wear sparkling eyeliner,
  • Do enjoy being,
  • Do smile,
  • Do drink eight glasses of water each day,
  • Do take off make up before going to bed,
  • Do take a walk when stuff feels confusing and weird,
  • Do tell yourself you´re fabulous each day.

    You never know when it all can end and it´s time to go.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just love working on a tan

After the terrible news from London, being quite preoccupied about friends & family being ok, I just wanted to do nice stuff all weekend.

Friday was great, aftwerwork with jewelry doyennes Amanda (Solista) and Vanja, newly-engaged Hedvig, the style icon Anna and her friend Therese who´s such a laugh!!! We had talked at Hedvig´s birthday bash, but I couldn´t recall. I blame it on Annas rumdrinks!
After fab dinner, drinks, beer - I drank beer, I almost never do! - a couple of bottles of champagne and then more wine, we admired Amandas totally fabulous jewelry and had, a superfab evening.

I was a bit stressed, since I was supposed to head out to Ingarö with friends the morning after. And champagne hangovers can be a killer, specially on the beach.

Björkvik was, as always, great. Love that place. You do have to go early though, to get a decent spot. Swimmed, laughed, slept and worked on tan. Totally, totally relaxing. When I came home I feel asleep right after taking a shower and didn´t even hear the phone.

Today I´ve been good and worked out for an hour and hung out with sweet friend LS.
Feel quite content with self, it has been a good weekend so far. But it´s not over yet, have a lot of stuff to do before heading off to the Mediterranean. Have to clean my home, mail some jobstuff and pack.
Guess I´d better make some coffe....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Totally shocked

Can´t believe this, don´t want to believe it - where is this world heading?!!!
Am shocked and at the same time thankful for hearing from family & friends that live and work in London. I hope the others I haven´t heard from are alright too. This is totally unacceptable.

Fabulous bloggs!

If you´re on holiday and want to read about the life and style of fabulous bloggers, do check out the following:

and of course, the one and only Kicki! Nobody, and I mean nobody can do serious designer shoes shopping and write about body functions as her. Totally outstanding! It´s a plus if you know swedish though.

Pash´s what friends are for

Met the posse från förr yesterday, LS´s back from Dubai and the sweetness had brought us all pressies! I got this totally beautyful pashmina in a gorgeous, goldish red.
I always get kind of overwhelmed when I get gifts from friends that´ve been on a trip, doesn´t matter where - the thing is that just the thought that the person actually came to think of me when on holiday/whatever is like really touching! I loooove my new and luxurious feeling pashmina. Now I want summer to turn into cool fall as soon as I´m back from the Mediterranean.

I can only do heat for about one week at the time. Preferrably at the beach or somewhere close to water where you can swim. When in the city - I prefer it cool. And stylish. You can´t really blame summer for being a stylish season. It´s like anything goes as long as it´s colorful, doesn´t matter that the shade might not flatter skintone. Personal style - yes. Personal lack of coordination sense - no.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

John Legend is a genius

What did I listen to before John Legend? Must have been Alicia Keys. And before that....Queen Mary J. Blige.
John Legend is a genius and his music one thing I can´t and don´t want to be without.

Today fab friend LS might come home from Dubai! Great, (cause I´ve been bad at working out, shame on me) I´m sooo looking forward to hear all about her trip and stay there.

Yesterday I spent some time trying to figure out what to bring to the Mediterranean. Managed to choose five books - if you´ve read anyone of them and have an opinion, let me know!
1. The Piano Teacher, Elfriede Jelinek
2. Liten handbok för tveksam resenär, Mikael Timm
3. Kvällstaxa, Ildiko von Kürthy
4. The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold
5. Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri

That should do it for two weeks. Otherwise I just have to buy more books or of course - glossies! I´m such a glossie junkie and sooo happy I can consume them in more than one language.

I will also bring the usual beach kit: 2-4 bikinis, a couple of tunikas, capri jeans and a variety of t-shirts and dressier tops for evenings. I love to travel light, especially on the way out. When going home I looove having fab local stuff with me and believe me, I´ll find stuff like that even where it doesn´t seem to be anything to shop. Call me addicted.

But before trip - finish work that has to be done...

Monday, July 04, 2005

...and Happy Independence Day over there

Have a nice one, you guys!!!

Picture not-so-perfect

Right. Will get new passport right in time for departure next week.
Of course the picture taken turned out terrible! When I got it I started wondering about how I do really look. I mean, gosh, that couldn´t just be my fab self. Must´ve been the angle. Stupid camera. And the cameraguy seemed soooo bothered, I just couldn´t ask him to take another picture.
Ah, well. Next time I´ll do it somewhere else and in black/white. Cause that strange person in my passport - it just isn´t me. Nope.

Reality show overload

Who the f would want to watch Britney and Kevin going grocery shopping and cuddling in their sofa looking "natural" (= ugly and unwashed)? Probably a scary amount of people.
I just don´t get it. And Bobby and Whitney will be doing it too. Why, oh why. If I had to choose between them I´d choose Bobby and Whitney though. After all, they were my style icons while growing up.

And speaking about looking ugly and unwashed, read about the Anti-Barbi trend somewhere. I totally agree with not looking as a Barbie-doll, but hey - does it have to be one or the other? There´s a lot between those two extremes.

Better get going, have to look fab for passport picture.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lord have mercy!

Great, great show! Didn´t get to grab Mr Kravitz utterly fab behind, but hearing him perform "Again" made my weekend. Totally.

Also finished great book I got friday, fab and exciting story. Will have lunch with the writer cause I´m really curious about the story and I definitely want to hear more.
Check it out at the website , but be warned, if you prefer pink candy floss, lala-land and sweet chickflicks where the ugly duckling turns into a swan - it might not be something that´ll please you. But if you have a taste for everything brutto, sporcho e cattivo - you´ll be delighted.

Gotta sleep. Must take passport picture tomorrow and don´t want to look too plain and dull.
I guess one ex was right when saying: "The thing that would insult you most is if anyone told you that you´re dull and boring, isn´t it?"
Damn right.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

...but whattef to wear?!

Would really need some serious help from british style-doyennes Trinny and Susannah now!
I mean, I am quite confident of my own style, but days like these kill me. You know, when you have some stuff to do before you´re going out, etc, and therefore can´t hit the streets with sparkling outfit and make up at noon. Or maybe you can.

I´m in need of some serious style advice - how to do and transform smart boho-bling-chic for day into smart bling-chic for nite....maybe it could work out fine if I wear white vest and light grey jacket to my pirate jeans. Big hair. And a chunky necklace, a black mexican one, very catholic-ethnic-chic. After all, I´m a big fan of the Sicilian-widow look, preferably paired with some westcoast hiphop influences.

Done then!

Tonite´s the nite

Last time I saw Mr Kravitz, and got the opportunity to grab his ass, was when he played att Circus in Stockholm 1993. It was in July, a couple of weeks before my departure to the US and I went with friends Sanna and Johanna and had a great evening. Remember Sanna screaming "I touched his hair, I touched his HAIR!!!". It was back when Mr Kravitz had a long mane and weared black leather all over. Now the mane is gone but I sincerely hope the leather is not, nobody does leather as Lenny Kravitz.

Stupid alarm woke me up this morning. And it wasn´t even mine!!! Stooooopid neighbours should most def please NOT have alarm clock on highest volume during the weekends.

Zlatan visited the clubs around Stureplan yesterday. Blimey. And I didn´t want to got out because I was too tired and had to take care of nosebleed. Again. (Am so fed up with it I could puke.)

Had pizza at friends place yesterday and when I walked home I started obsessing about it, having paranoid thoughts of feeling the pizza making me fat. Disgusting!
I know, those thoughts are truly stupid and paranoid. But I only think that way because I haven´t managed to visit the gym this week. And I haven´t been able to resist the great Torta de Milhojas by new provider at the Deli. Torta de Milhojas is my favourite chilean pastry. It kind of melts in the mouth. And it´s stuffed with the caramel cream I´ve always been week for, the manjar.
Hence it´s my bad, bad, baaad, conscience that is making itself reminded.
Whatever, it´ll be a new week on monday.

I better finish my cup of fabulous brazilian coffee and start getting on with this Saturday. My tia A needed help with writing some stuff and I promised to come over and help her with it.