Friday, September 30, 2005

Several sevens became seven songs

Inspired by fabulous girl EJP I thought of listing my set of seven lists of seven things du jour, but it turned out more difficult than I thought. Here goes the first (and only) part (so far) - seven songs I enjoy right now.
- Show me love, Andreas Johnson
- Efter midnatt, Paragon
- Precious, Depeche Mode
- Goldigger, Kanye West & Jamie Foxx
- Hate it or love it, Mary J. Blige feat. The Game
- Push the button, Sugarbabes
- You´re beautiful, James Blunt

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Inspiration, moi?!

Got stuck writing so had a blog-break to catch up and found myself on EJPs list of 7 things that inspires her!!! Am sooo moved and flattered by this!

Where to buy energy?

Am distgustingly tired and had second thoughts on going to this evenings party. Called EJP to ask if she wanted to go and am meeting her later. Katarina couldn´t make it this evening because of nackspärr. Poor thing!

Am so much looking forward to this weekend. My plans for it so far are hanging out over brunch (yes darling princess Nikki, it´s very Stockholmish pretto but great and practical way of socializing) and sleeping. I really need to sleep. And I really need to get that Berocca-stuff and try it. Hopefully it can make wonders for me as it seems to do for everyone else.

Otherwise I just have to find a place that can provide some real coffee to go.
Oh, dear. What a problem....I´ve got roof over my head, a job I truly enjoy, great family & friends - and am complaining about coffee. Please. Sometimes I get really tired of myself.

Stirred and shaken

Now here we go again. Today not only my head but also my body feel like marshmallow. However, the evening was fabulous in every way! Hedda and I had the Boudin Blanc we´d longed for, the wine was divine and jewelrydesigner doyennes Vanja & Amanda as fun and inspiring to hang out with as always. Great evening overall. Wore the top I got at Weekday, where Be brought me, and I love it cause the fabric is soft and warm - good for a coldblooded species like me.

This evening I´m going to hang out with Katarina, hurra!!! Now if princess Nikki also could join it could´ve been like reallyreally fab. Too bad many of the clubs we always hung out in doesn´t exist anymore, like:
- City Hole
- Gino
- Trap Bar
- Harlem Nights at Fasching

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Darling Nikki!!!!!

Whooohooo, look what the cybercat dragged in - princess Nikki, my darling, cool, ghettofab, adorable kompis från förr, homie, - NEVER, ever a lantis, and ALWAYS all of that (meaning fab in every way)!!!
Baby I´ve missed you! Asked Katarina about you just the other day when we met at NK and then went to that disastrous...event. I promise girlfriend, you would´ve thought the same about it. But you know how it goes - this dance ain´t for everybody, only the sexy people!!!

Can´t believe Nikkis son is now...can he be ten years old?!
Which also means that we are the same amount of years older. Uhu. Right.

Feel like a marshmallow that´s been roasted too long...I´d better take catnap before going over to Söder, for errand and early dinner at Marie Laveau. Pitchers of cosmopolitans can be very dangerous things.

Shaken and stirred

Am suspecting I´m still...slightly tipsy. And couldn´t manage to continue sleeping. Big riddle in my life: why, why, why do I always wake up extremely early when hungover? And when I´m not I sleep like I´ve never done anything else.

Feel like five kinds of shit. Must have been the fact that I didn´t eat properly yesterday. And maybe it´s not that smart to have a pitcher of cosmopolitan after a bottle of wine. But it was sooo worth it because we had so much fun and if it weren´t for the fact that today is a workday - we could probably still be chatting about everything and nothing.

It´s a custome movie morning, as the creative genious Anna used to say, you know slightly foggy, rainy, grey. In other words - very british. This season Victoriana-inspired fashion goes perfectly with fall. It´s almost like you´re expecting running into Jack the Ripper or Oliver Twist whenever. Maybe modern versions of them. And thinking of it, you might not want to meet them at all, forget about it, this is only the fabulations of a slightly alcomarinated brain.

Women on the blog

Was supposed to knit at Jessies this evening. Yeah, right! With a lot of catching up to do and some cyberconversation with ill fabulous blogger and some really nice wine, cheese and skagenguck to go with this - it could only result in a ooops, tumbled over situation. Fabulous evening, though, Jessie is one of those truly fun and interesting people to hang out with. Of course she is.

Bonus: Check Her Fabulousness blog for a really cool picture from Saturdays totally glamorous and decadent hotel party!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It´s Christy, Cay, Christy!

Tv4 Morgon some minutes ago. Fashion Grande Dame Cay Bond is giving comments about the fashion weeks and the conversation turns to supermodels. Cay says "Linda Evangelista has got her own line of yoga equipment with her name on".
Eeeh. Cay. It´s not Linda Evangelista, it´s Christy Turlington!
Shame, shame, shame.

Remember journalist teachers words "Always remember that you don´t write for the thousands that doesn´t know - but for the hundreds that do know". It might be pathetic to be upset about an old icon get confused about two of the supermodels of the 90´s, but it was sooo wrong.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hunt & disappointment

(Doesn´t that sound just like the title of an Merchant Ivory production?!)

Discovered that the invoice gods smiled to this latino diva today and had to immediately get:
- black laced boots
- another pair of my favourite jeans du jour from JL
- brown shoes that I´ve got some doubt about keeping...I´ll give them a couple of days. Nobody has ever died of too many shoes as far as I know, although Imelda Marcos might have been close.
- bronze bag
- thin sparkling scarf with sequines

Met beautiful friend Katarina for catching up and early dinner. Am still very excited about her new assignment in Jerusalem. Just have to visit her, no excuses, I mean - how often do I have a close friend going over there?

After that we went to the event of the evening. It was supposed to be glamorous. Yeah, right. Am sorry to say this and I´ll probably come across like some uptight snob. My excuse is that I´m spoiled with hanging out with people that actually care and are conscious about their style, what they wear and how, and are overall very stilysh.
The people in the line were not stylish. At all.
And the event was not interesting either. It was just boring and all but inspiring. Be and I chose to leave and luckily I got home in time for CSI.
Guess you never really can´t have it all, can you.

Post Meridium confession

Hate to admit it but I miss you.
And now it´s said which means I can walk on by.
Sometimes confession can be very good.

Morning routine

1. coffee
2. shower
3. check mail
4. coffee
5. check planner
6. tune in P1
7. get to work
8. fetch take away latte

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Got to have!

Just found out about "Songs of Almodóvar". Have to get it!
At least I could then pretend having a life somewhat resembling to the movies.

Almodóvarfiesta & icons

Yesssss!!! SVT is doing the world a big favour and will show his movies this fall. Wonderful. Now I just have to make sure to have lots of that fabulous spanish wine at home to go with the movies - and some Pata Negra, some Manchego and inspired by Her Fabulousness Lady Marmalade Kicki I´ll try and make some of that überdelicious fig/nut-marmalade.

Getting back to Almodóvar - his movies are always such an inspiration for me. The women are soo boldy feminine and stylish - even the transvestites are incredibly iconic. Love all his movies, but if I had to chose one, it has to be Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown). It´s brilliant.

Other female icons (besides the Almodóvarcharacters) that are a constant inspiration for me, whether dead or alive:
- Frida Kahlo
- Isabel Allende
- Maria Callas
- Edith Piaf
- Sofia Coppola
- Mary J. Blige
- Eva Perón (although do not agree with the ideology)
- My grandmothers
- My girlfriends

And some male:
- my father
- Che Guevara (although I don´t agree about the ideology)
- Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay
- Martin Scorsese
- Ernest Hemingway
- Jack Kerouac
- Michail Bulgakov
- one of my exes, no names though - that way the ones of them who read this will all feel flattered and be convinced they are an inspirational source. How very kind of me.
- Mark Goldberg, one of my teachers in college. Fabulous person. I´d do a lot to get the opportunity to meet him again.

My American crush

Wonder how he´s doing in all this hurricane disaster. The last thing I heard about him, which was like an awful lot of years ago, was that he was living in Houston.


Taste the word. Blattelicious. I like! Found it at the Gringo-website.

Got the sweetest sms from Ingrid today, telling me that I looked great yesterday. It´s really nice to hear stuff like that, specially when you feel like five kinds of shit. Will most def have catnap before getting all the work and planning for next week done.

Be and I are starting a blog soon, it´ll be in swedish though and am really looking forward to it. Be is such a creative stylish genious and ab fab to hang out with.

Not looking, but listening back

It's like this and like that and like this and uh. It's like that and like this and like that and uh.
It's like this. And who gives a fuck about those? So just chill, til' the next episode.

Love it! Playing The Chronic and What´s my name loud makes hangover feel so much better.

Somewhere I read that the largest group that consumes so called gangsta´rap are white, middle-class kids. Although I most def not belong to that group I´m not surprised.
After all, who could guess that I actually do listen to Kent now and then...

Now latte with Be. Luckily our favourite shops aren´t open today.

Baksmälla & träningsvärk

That´s swedish for hangover and...what do you call it, sore muscles. After training. Supported homie-to-be-aerobics instructor yesterday morning and today I feel like I´ve been through one of those machines that turns stone into pebble. Add to that being hungover.

Yesterdays party was fabulous in every way - until the hotel personnel decided it was time for us to leave. Immediately. Which we did, after a while. Until then it was all drinks, snacks (the cheese with the fig/nut marmalade was heaven) and a great view of Stureplan by night. And not to forget - the sauna and jacuzzi. It turned into the Big Brother-sauna, we all chose one character and voted eachother out. The Sparkling Sunshine was Linda Rosing and sat in the sauna in golden shoes and also took a bath with them. Hilarious.

The very same Sparkling Sunshine also created some charming chaos in my prepartying, being too early she had to sit by herself in the lobby, which made her call and text every five minutes - very stressful when trying to get ready and simultaneously finish smoky eyes, call cab, grab the Bolly from the fridge, find the presents to the hostesses, finding flattering black bikini and dusting off the feather boa. Multitasking is an art I´ve developed to perfection.

I´m in a really bad need for coffee now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Radio sucked so had to create new preparty playlist to go with my chilled Martini Rosso and preparty preparations - which this evening means waxing to the left and right and also painting toenails since bikini & towel is mandatory according to the invitation. And I´m not the one to banga.
Am looking forward to party with a set of the most gorgeous girlfriends there is and show off in outfits only worn once. Excellent partytheme!

Tunes from preparty playlist:
- Oooh wee, Mark Ronson
- Dinata dinata (Disco remix), Antique - soooo Mediterranean
- Cross my heart, Eight Wonder - I´ll always be fifteen when it comes to party
- Superfly guy, S-Express
- He´s the greatest dancer, Sister Sledge
- Hey Mr DJ, Zhane

Thursday, September 22, 2005

With a little help from my homies....

....I managed to let all frustration out in a healthy way. Love the homies even though I don´t see them as often as I wish. But do I really ever see people I like to hang around with as much as I´d like? I guess no and that´s kind of sad.
One of my homies said to me once that "friends aren´t like cans that you can put away".
I totally understand that, but I just really, really don´t like when people - especially the ones that really aren´t close - start demanding shit from me. I know I´ve got issues with this but I just can´t stand it.

Goodnight and thank you.

From hell

I bet the cool & kitschy "wash away bad luck"-soap from Peru I got from my Sra Madre works the other way around. This afternoon was totally from hell and everything because of STUPID idea about a "Non-traffic" day in one of the core streets of the city.

Am going to hit the gym and work my frustration off before saying or doing stupid things towards someone I care about. Most of all I feel like punching something really hard, it´s at times like these I miss my boxing exes and how we used to kick and punch the obligatory punchball (they all had one) whenever I was mad or frustrated. (Yes - I´m a sucker for that kind of men.) And if Mr Secret Someone reads this, then eat your heart out, sweetie. I know it´s an ugly thing to do but why bother. We´re sooo over before we even thought about starting something.

Divine Eva

Am breaking the trend of my dull, pictureless blog.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Change of track maybe?

While working, blogging, knitting (trying to be every woman) Idol 2005 is on in the background (yes, I´m one of those obnoxious types that demands backgroundnoise). And why, why, why do the finalists choose the same songs every time? Like the awful "The power of love". Brrr. Or the even more awful "My heart will go on". Double brrrr.

Congrats to Los Reyes Latinos

Or as they are better known: The Latin Kings, that celebrates 10 years of success.
Can´t believe 10 years´already past since "Snubben trodde han var cool". Remember watching them at Hultsfred that year, comfortably smashed.
Have TLKs´book, am looking forward reading and reviewing it.
Anyhow, felicidades to you guys!!!


Heard an awful, awful cover of my PSB favourite "Domino dancing". Some covers shouldn´t be allowed to be made.

Other disgusting covers:
- These boots are made for walking, Jessica Simpson
- Take my breath away, Jessica Simpson
- I love rock n´roll, Britney Spears

Lovely covers:
- Tainted love, Marilyn Manson
- Stripped, Rammstein
- Love don´t live here anymore, Mary J BLige & Faith Evans
- Lay all your love on me, Erasure (I don´t really like ABBA, but this song knocks me out)
- Don´t look any further, M-people
etc, osv.


I have truly underestimated 15 minute powernaps in the past. Perhaps because of no possibility to take one while at work. But when working from home you can actually have a catnap now and then and enjoy it. The siesta is also a brilliant uppfinning.

I´ve been out chasing goodies most part of the day and am soo tired. Made some coffe but the shit tastes mögel, must be the machine, can´t be the coffee. How long is a coffee machine supposed to be used before it starts making decomposition-tasting coffee?! Have to get a new one. Must ask the creative genious Be where she got her. Miss Be! Have to call her and arrange new shoppingtrip soon. Or well, as soon as I get paid - how soon is now...

Today I covet:
- blue bag from Marc Jacobs
- new haircut, can´t go on with this wicked boho ghettofab witch-look.
- George Clooney, yes. still. There´s something about mr Clooney that makes me go hmm.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Knit, knot

Now don´t go getting an attack - but am going to knitting workshop this evening.
I never learned to knit while in school and my Sra Madre just didn´t have time or patience to teach me. Add to that the fact that I´m left-handed and hence classified as nearly impossible to teach stuff like that.
Whatever, am going and will try do the stuff and see if it´s that hard. If it´s not am going to make myself some really nice stuff I saw in the shop.

Managed to finish the job I got yesterday, many thanks to Mr X for technical help.

Just have to list things I totally dislike:
- late payments
- Håkan Hellström
- underground zits suddenly showing up in your face
- messy interior when tired and without feeling like tidying up whatsoever

Monday, September 19, 2005

This night an ex saved my life

Or morelike - this evening an ex saved a job I´d said I´d do, only to discover I needed some help. Called Mr X and he solved the problem brilliantly. I like!

The ketchupbottle-effect is like bigger, stronger and badder than ever. Totally enjoyable but no wonder I felt like crap today. Could barely get out of bed, had fever and an aching body. Sucked bigtime. Then my mother reminded me that I haven´t had a quiet, free evening in a long time since I´ve being up to too many things going everywhere and not chilling enough. Mothers can be very good sometimes, I should try listening to my mom more oftern I guess and do as she says. (Probably this sound disrespectful towards my mother, but I´ve never been that close to her, although I respect her a lot.)

Will try to have a somewhat calm week despite of all the extra stuff that suddenly came pouring down at me. But that´s the freelance life I guess, just get it on.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Vive la fête, vive!!!

Yessss!!! Am going to see Vive La Fête on Debaser, December 1! What a fête!!!

If you´d wanna listen to something different, check out my lillebrors latest:,shaken.mp3
Am sooo glad at least someone in the family know how to handle a guitar. Bravo!

Weird blog urge

It will be interesting to see if it´ll be possible to put alkolås on mobile phones. And if that will lead to alco locks on other communication devices.
In my case, after partying I seem to have a weird wish to share my thoughts and express them through blogging. I should have a sign on my screen saying: "When in alcomarinade - don´t".

Annoyances of the day - yes, they are petty.
- My favourite local café has changed owner. Sucks. Now the latte tastes just latte. Not like before when the smell of it was enough to wake you up.
- I´ve got an underground pimple or something on my nose. Or at the nose-side or what you call it. It´s barely visible but it´s there and it´s bothering.
- Still have mailproblems. Am going slightly, slightly mad. For focks sake, I depend on my mail for a living.
- Hate my hair. Want to wake up and look like:
* Eva Mendes
* Beyoncé
* Alicia Keys
* Julianne Moore

Oooh weeeeeeh!!!

Just love that track, don´t you?! I do. Totally. And I can´t hear it without shaking my booty. Although not like the white guy in "Hitch", man, I laghed my arse off at that.

Splendid day! After accepting that there could be no mailing I met up with Creative Genious Be and had a totally fabulous afternoon. I love hanging out with Be, she brings out my creativeness and she´s an expert in vintage shopping. She´s one of those natural born style geniouses. I totally admire her. To shop with her is an epiphany every time, seriously.
Today we went to Katitzi and as always, found great stuff we just had to have. I love Katitzi! Besides being a true story about a gipsy girl in Sweden, it´s also a great shop with fab vintage, Swedish designerwear and the most lovable shopowners there are in this town.

Later this evening I hung out with my Big, Fat, Latinofamily. We celebrated 18 de Septiembre, which this year is Chilean Independence Day no 195 and had empanadas and some Santa Ines Cabernet/Carmenére I brought to go with them. We also sang an awful lot of old songs, of all kinds, from whole Latin America. Totally enjoyble!
Some of the songs we sang - and kids, do not try that at home if you don´t have a tangoish voice, even though these songs are no tangos, but it´ll help.
1. Perfidia
2. Todos juntos
3. Mexico lindo y querido
4. La joya del Pacifico
5. No se bien

I love my Big, Fat, Latinofamily. Without them I´d sink without a trace.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Totally intended to stay in this friday evening since it became one of those stressful days from hell when the only sparkling moments consists of cheering stuff in the mailbox posted from a secret someone. Very nice, but the day was nonetheless stressful with mail problems and shit.

When thinking about a) giving up the mail-attachment question and shut everything down or b) inhale, exhale and get a glass of nice red wine, I got a mess from Her Fabulousness Herself.
I left my plans to slowly fade for themselves, packed one and a half bottles of wine and moved my ass to Gullmarsplan where macaroni & bolognese waited. Delicious!

After watching "So you think you can dance?" we watched "Hitch" and man, am I hitched - big time!!! I have to get that movie. Am not a big fan of romcoms, but once in a while they catch me off guard and there I go.
Besides laughing and feeling good about it I got an instant desire to have Eva Mendes´movie wardrobe. It´s stunning. It´s brilliant. It´s sooo cool. As she is.
Which leads me to listing other movies with wardrobes I covet my ass off:
1. Scarface
2. The Godfather 1& 2
3. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
4. Reservoir Dogs
5. Frida

Yes. I do have a fetish for sharp suits.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

After midnight

I´m like, totally in love with that song. Efter midnatt. Paragon are geniouses.

Am able to exhale now. Read my stuff in front of about 150...whaddaya call it...people? - in swedish. Guess I did well since people approached me afterwards going on about how brilliant I was. I was like - yeah, right....Am getting used to be applåderad, though, dangerously close to hybris, you know.

Coolest question of the evening: "What do you do when you don´t write?" - as in assumig that I was a writer. Cool!

Am so tired I could puke. And don´t feel like doing that, it´s too messy and disgusting.

Style icon of the day: Lauryn Hill - Black pearls are the finest. By far.

Häcken full

That´s a brilliant swedish expression for being überstressed and having loads and loads of stuff to do. As I write I´m on the phone, printing out stuff and adjusting some make up. Multitasking is just my middle name.

Am getting ready for my appearence (!) at Rosenbad this afternoon. It´ll be nice I guess, this time I´ll read in swedish, hence I don´t have to worry about my pronunciation, etc.

Question of the day: Is it really THAT difficult to call back?! People, come on!
Song of the day: "Efter midnatt", Paragon
Item of the day: sheepskin slippers

I´ll be back.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fall was made for blogging

I love it when you feel that one season is ending and another one is about to begin.
There´s something about it, an anticipation, new, vibrant energy, you know you´ll encounter new stuff, wear new outfits, meet new people.
But even though there are new adventures waiting around the next corner, (and next. and next. and the one after that) there are a lot of people in my life that I don´t want to be without, no matter how exciting and exotic acquaintances I might make.

And speaking of friends....I recently had some e-mail contact with my ex-classmates Caroline and Sara, from the studies in Latin American Science. Caroline is making her praktik in Mexico, at a home for abused children. Such a great thing to do. Sara has a new job where she´s in charge of all the IT-stuff. I am soo proud of them! Hope to see Caroline and Sara next month when Caroline´s back from Mexico.
Which also leads me to think of my beloved Katarina, whom I´ve known since we went to Fredrika Bremer Gymnasiet together. She is going to Jerusalem this fall and that is like soo cool, will most def try to visit her while she´s there. It would be really interesting.
Am so proud of my stunningly beautiful and smart friends!

Today I spent part of the afternoon with cool, stylish and spontaneous Sabina. We had lunch - I got to cuddle with her more than delicious little baby boy - and went windowshopping, visited Paula and litterally drewled over the garments in her store. I want it all!!! Specially the midnight blue jacket. Am really tempted. I´m just wondering how it would look with the boots I covet? Too peacocky? But whattef, I love bold colors. Even though black always is the new black, specially come fall, I´ll definiely do more color this season.

Anyhow. It´s a new season and I´m enjoying every bit of it.

Last but not least, highlights from last week:
1. Uncle C´s ceremony
2. Sitting besides Susanne Ljung at press event
3. Idol 2005 - still hilarious
4. Chocolate Martinis
5. Laughing at my barely there voice